Highlights August 4 – 10

August 11, 2014

The Empire’s Urban Art

To be an urban street artist in The United Kingdom can be a fairly dangerous thing. This society has very often proved to be very conservative regarding this art form as spray painters face serious jail penalties and fines if caught. With the introduction of the infamous Crime and Disorder Act in 1998 The British government included graffiti on the list of punishable anti-social behaviors together with racism, rioting, arson, dogging, shoplifting and pedophilic activity, to name the few. Nevertheless, or because of the threat, street art in the UK blossomed and produced some of the most influential and legendary subversive artists in the world. Here is our pick of ten contemporary British street and urban artists everyone is talking about.

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Land of the Creative

America, the melting pot of different cultures has proved to be extremely fertile ground for all kinds of artistic expressions imaginable. Home of the brave, land of the free, this is even more true when it comes to urban art. The following list will present ten internationally acclaimed contemporary urban artist from the US. From self taught sprayers to those with more classis education in fine art painting. While some have evolved from illegal graffiti or tattoo art others went the direct way from art studies to art creation for design studios or exhibitions. Despite their origins all of them are now recognized artists that you should know about.

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Islamic Tradition and Modern Urban Art

The small village of Erriadh, settled in the largest North African island of Djerba, Tunisia has just become an art destination. Over the course of July, 34 international street artists have created 94 mural interventions around the walls of the village as a part of the Djerbahood project, with hundreds more to come. Launched by the Parisian Galerie Itinerrance, Djerbahood is designed to breathe life into Erriadh, of authentic visual appeal, oozing with tradition, is designated as the next top destination within the highly popular Djerba, as a new gallery in the open.

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The Mythical World of Murals

This weeks murals will enchant you and lead you to unknown places. Places that are the home of mythical creatures, kings and queens, ancient hieroglyphs and fabulous beings. You will enter the fantastical world murals by following the hummingbird through the small world of books at a green alleyway in the chest of Alice. The next milestones are the three Cyrcle. kings that you will have to overthrone to overcome them. Follow the path until you reach the radiating lights of the gem lady, the beams will guide you the way to the unicorn. Below the unicorn you will find flowers through which you will have to crawl. But beware only with Faith can you reach the next realm in which the Six Totems of Phlegm block the way to the river. Only by passing through each one of them can your journey through the world of murals continue. At the end of the river you will find the Retna wall with hieroglyphs. If you decipher this final task you will have completed the journey through Street Update #38.

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Stencils Don’t Make a Great Artist

It’s virtually impossible to talk about the impact of stencil without mentioning the omnipresent Banksy. He may not be the one to invent the technique, but he’s definitely the figure responsible for the planetary craze spinning around his seductively clever work, while parallel shooting the pattern method to fame. Many adopt stencil because it’s a quick technique (enabling a swift illicit movement) with highly versatile expressive potential, today recognized as a separate streak in the world of graffiti. Although it may be seen as easy, can we really say stencil is shallow as well? To answer questions like these, it helps to return to the very beginnings of modern art, and the laymen criticism directed towards [mostly] abstraction, often saying things like “my kid could’ve done a better job”.

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