Highlights: Dec 16 - 22

December 22, 2013

Introducing the new Widewalls weekly feature: The highlight blog posts from the previous week. It’s not easy to keep up with all the news from the world of urban art. That is why this feature recaps the highlight street art posts for you, so you don’t miss anything important. Our first edition includes one of the greatest American street artists since Basquiat and Futura, a toy exhibition co-curated by Pharrell Williams, a friends and family meeting in Wynwood and two newcomers that went on the streets of Compton. Enjoy

Widewalls’ artist of the week – Shepard Fairey

Our crowning of the America street art giant Shepard Fairey was the results of an urban art marathon Mr. Obey completed before Christmas. First he created a massive mural side-by-side to British street art D*Face. Fairey then went on and hosted a hugely successful Sid Vicious tribute exhibition with photographer Dennis Morris. Beside all the lice action we were able to enjoy Shepard Fairey also collaborated with Jim Muir to create unbelievable limited edition skateboards with Dogtown skating legend Jim Muir. We think that makes it pretty clear why Shepard Fairey is one of the most popular street artists out their at the moment.

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This is Not a Toy @ Design Exchange

The second highlight post this week was the presentation of “This is Not a Toy” at the Design Exchange in Canada. “This is Not a Toy” was curated by Pharrell and John Wee Tom and showcases designer and art toys by the world’s post prolific toy artists: KAWS, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, FriendsWithYouHuck Gee, Coarse, Frank Kozik, Misaki Kawai, Doma and Bill McMullen. Beside this impressive urban artists line up

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Friends and Family street art at Yo (Love) 305

After the madness they call Art Basel ended in Miami a close group of street artists curated and hosted a collaborative exhibition at the Wynwood gallery Yo (Love) 305. The artist roster of “Friends and Family” is comprised of: 2501, 2 Alas, Axel Void, Alexis Diaz, Jaz, Jufe and Pastel. The artwork is held in grey, black and white, but don’t be fooled the art exhibited is as impressive as you would expect by such talented street artists.

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Nosego and Curiot exhibit Unknown Elements

Nosego and Curiot opened their joint exhibition at the Los Angeles based Thinkspace gallery. The show entitled “Unknown Elements” showcases a new body of work by both artists. To draw attention to the exhibition and their work Curiot and Nosego created a large-scale mural in Compton that comprises the signature beings of both.

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