Highlights: December 1 - 7

December 8, 2014

Women as Canvas

Never before has the notion of body been more present in public discourses and, simultaneously, so complex to understand. The nature of the postmodern epoch, the vastness of the field of popular culture and its aggressive practice toward the individual rendered our reality to be centered on the attributes of our body. Yet, it seems that, like never before, the meaning of the body is completely dispersed and almost unattainable… What is the relation between the understanding of our body and natural laws? What can be seen on the horizons of freedom and restraint? Is there something that can be “read” from the body? These are only some of the questions relevant to the possibility of understanding the concept of the human body…

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Latin Explorations

The South American street and urban art scene has been flourishing in the last two decades, with dozens of truly exceptional  and extremely gifted artists emerging in the recent years, and taking the world by storm with their unique and eye-catching art. That is why it is no surprise that cities like São Paulo and Buenos Aires are slowly becoming centers of the world’s contemporary urban and street art movement. The sheer scale and diversity of extraordinary talents displayed on the streets of South American cities must be more carefully examined and what follows is our pick of some of the most prominent and extremely talented street artists that this continent has to offer.

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Guide to Art Basel Miami

Art Week in Miami is definitely the biggest art event of the month, at least on the American continent. Jet setters, superstar gallerists, major collectors and a whole lot of arty-farty people are all flocking to the South Florida city to mingle, sip Ruinart champagne and be seen, and perhaps even purchase an artwork or two. Serious collectors as well, some belonging to the glitterati, and some preferring the intimidating anonymity of big money. But, for a young collector, earnest art lover looking for spectacular art, the Miami Art Week might prove a tad overwhelming by the foreseen 100K visitors for this year. Not to be lost in the abundance of art and elite, here are some pointers in how to tackle one of the major art fairs of the month, the central event, Art Basel Miami Beach.

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Mural Roundup

Even though the year is coming to an end, in the world of art, things are only heating up. Our favorite artists are working more than ever, they’re traveling and leaving their signature marks on walls across the globe. Widewalls every week runs down for you five of the most exciting new murals on the streets of the world, and introduces you to the story behind it. The week behind us was more than thrilling thanks to the collaboration of Artez and Lonac, Serbian and Croatian artists, who worked together on a mural in Banja Luka, Bosnia And Herzegovina, making street art history, since this is the city’s first large scale mural. In the meantime, street art legend Shepard Fairey joined forces with his crew and did a diptych piece as his support to the release of the newest Interpol album. Australian street art star Fintan Magee is currently in his home country where he just finished another beautiful mural featuring his signature characters, while the Portuguese street artist Bordalo II also made a statement in his own country by installing one new piece featuring a fantastic grey heron that was mfade using the artist’s signature materials. Last, but not the least is the work by Nychos, who flew to Miami for the upcoming Miami Art Basel and for this occasion painted one fantastic large scale mural. Check out our gallery and chose your personal favorite! Enjoy!

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SCOPE Selection

The most frantic contemporary art event of all is only minutes away. The prestigious SCOPE Miami Beach art fair,  located on a wonderful beach at Ocean Drive, was opened yesterday, starting with its exclusive Platinum VIP Brunch and VIP & Press First View, and today opens its doors to the general public. Housed in its monumental pavilion, SCOPE Miami Beach will be welcoming nearly 40,000 visitors over the course of the next six days. Showcasing more than hundred of the world’s best contemporary galleries, thousands of artists will unveil new groundbreaking work during the largest art festival in the US. As part of our comprehensive coverage of Miami Art Week, Art Basel Miami Beach and SCOPE Miami Beach, today we bring you our selection of ten exceptional contemporary urban art galleries exhibiting at this year’s, 14th edition of SCOPE.

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