Highlights: December 9 – 15

December 15, 2014

Made Her Bed

For a long time now, Tracey Emin is not just a name to behold when the discussion about the great conceptual artists opens up. Her name is one’s decapitating argument when defending beauty (yes, beauty) of ultimate disclosure. For a long time now My bed (1998) is no longer hers, literally and figuratively. At some point, that bed became a modern monument, or even a temple, the site for deep contemplative and soulful reflection. It is a place where the vulnerability met low self-esteem and gave birth to self-hatred. That self-hatred later spiraled out reaching the oblivion and, after losing momentum, nested in the silent pain of depression. It’s what happens when you are as exposed to the unpredictable as you were in the very first seconds of your life and as you reach out for help, life smacks you over the head. It is your first act of uncovering to life, love, lust and ultimately the loss. So you stay in bed for four days. But after the most abusive and brutal sex of all, and that’s the one in which you screwed yourself up, you get off the bed and rise up to be reborn. In that moment lies the liberating force of Emin’s art.

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Contemporary Urban Art

We have prepared an extensive and detailed preview of the upcoming auction which is going to be held by Digard Auction house on December 14th 2014. An auction which is surely going to attract the attention of art collectors and art professionals, brings together an inspiring number of art pieces and respected names of the Urban and Street Art scene – Shepard Fairey, Futura, Banksy, JoneOne, Inkie, Rero, Rammellzee, Takashi Murakami, Swoon, Os Gemeos, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and many many more… In the following pages of the article, each devoted to a single artist, you will be able to see all the information about the pieces and see a preview of all the artwork, including estimated prices and lot numbers. Each page allows you to easily access the profile of a respected artist (simply clicking on a name), enabling you to see their biography, other artwork and activity in the recent period. So, sit back, enjoy, and with each passing mouse-click find out everything you need to know about one of the most exciting auctions this year…

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Long Live Nychos

Some may find his works disturbing and creepy, other may think they are beautiful, either way, no one can deny the massive talent that the Austrian street artists Nychos owns. Famous for his works that portray dissection of mostly animals, the idea didn’t come to the artist by chance. Growing up in a little village near Graz (Styria, South of Austria) he called “green hell”, Nychos was constantly surrounded by animals but at the same time he was, from a very early age, exposed to all the cruelty and brutality of nature. After the initial adjustment and understanding of the way nature functions, he started seeing all the beauty in it and began exploring the unpredictable world of nature. At the same time, he found television to be a great source for research and cartoons became very important to him. Soon, Nychos started exploring his artistic side and combine two of the things he loved and knew to most about – art and nature. Today, he is one of the biggest stars on the street art scene, famous for his works of dissection. The unique style, perfect technique and the fantastic dedication to details makes Nychos one of the most exciting artists in the world. The artist often collaborates with many accomplished painters, and in 2011 he teamed up with several “Urban Illustrators” who all have a kind of unique and weird style. Only in the last couple of weeks, Nychos has been an attendee of many important art events from Knotenpunkt Festival and Greetings from NY project to the participation at the 2014 SCOPE Miami. For these, and many other reasons, Nychos is our Artist of the Week!

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One in a Hundred

Todorovic is the child of the Serbian 90’s, meaning he has been exposed to a dramatic collapse of major moral and cultural values, along with the break-up of Yugoslav republic and the unfortunate war-colored years after. This period proves to be crucial in the formation of the artist’s visual language, as his learned impulse is that politicians equal evil. His style has been influenced by comics and pop culture, video games, and illustration, through which the artist endeavors in depicting the modern reality, such as it is – complex, crooked and festered with greed and ill will. There’s little optimism in Aleksandar’s work. But he himself does not emit gloom. Visiting his studio, or rather, the room in his girlfriend’s apartment serving as a studio, he gives out an impression of a friendly guy, nice host, eager to spread his message in art. He is finishing up a series of 7 small scale paintings in acrylic, representing his signature negative cliches of various typified societal roles. In an exclusive interview Aleksandar Todorovic gave to Widewalls, he told us of his initial painting escapades, his inspirations and his plans, as well as of his engagement in the 100 Painters of Tomorrow monograph and exhibition.

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Mural Roundup: Miami During Art Basel

Every Wednesday we bring you five of the most stunning, interesting and unusual murals you liked on Facebook during the week before. This week, however, we have prepared a little treat for you – since the Miami art week has just finished and Wynwood District was packed with artists that flew to Miami, you had the chance to select the ten most interesting murals created during Art Basel 2014! The artists that participated in adorning the walls, showed off their skills and gained even bigger popularity among the visitors. The Austrian artist Nychos didn’t want to miss this great opportunity to leave his signature mark on the walls of Miami. Meanwhile, the German street art duo Herakut enrolled in two projects – their exhibition opening, as well as their new fantastic piece. Some new collaborations formed – artists Faith47 and Alexis Diaz made a great piece complementing both of their skills, while the Puerto Rican artist Bikismo joined the group of artists that help building schools. Two Australian artists came all the way from their home country just to be a part of the action. Both Rone and Reka One join the amazing list of artists who created art in the streets of Miami. The rest of the murals were done by D*Face, Ever and Smithe and street art superstars Shepard Fairey and Cleon Peterson. If you didn’t visit Miami Art Week while it lasted, you can always stop by the Wynwood District and see these beautiful murals. If Miami is too far away just go through our gallery and enjoy them at home!

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