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March 2, 2014

Street Art Millionaires

When we began the research on this topic we wanted to present a Top10 list of the richest street artist. After hours of research we reached the verdict that this will become a Top 5 list. Not our fault, really, street artist aren’t that big on communicating their net worth. Graffiti and street art originates from a subcultural that opposes commercial reward for art. The idea of street art being transient public art that everyone can enjoy for free, makes being a millionaire street artists undesirable. That is not our opinion by the way, but a presumed reason for street artists not to communicate the money they earn. The best thing about it all is that mountains of cash say nothing about the artistic brilliance of artists. The street artists that have earned the most with their artistic brilliance are…

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James Jean is Back

After his escapist venture far away from L.A. into the jungle, Taiwanese-American visual artist James Jean is back, reintroducing himself into the city by teaming up with Los Angeles natives The Hundreds for a special collaborative collection. They teamed up with James Jean on a one-of-a-kind limited collection which includes a lineup of headwear, T-shirts, sweatshirts and skate decks customized with Jean’s artistic vision. The collection features three Jean’s designs titled “Coral Bird,” “Tiger” and “Wave.”

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Drew Merritt Exhibition

Drew Merritt deals with a broad spectrum of feelings like loneliness, vanity and meaning of life.  What is specific about Merritt’s art is that he enters into the dark places of human spirit with an urban mindset. While exploring angels and demons within ourselves, Merritt uses classical subjects as a starting point but sets them in contemporary surroundings utilizing a vast array of contemporary techniques and mediums. He’s known for massive near-photo-realistic murals of fallen angels done with a spray can, or blend with raw materials and found objects. His works are characterized by a graphic style and vivid colors. Merritt’s big canvases fit nicely on the wall of a gallery, but would also fit as a mural on the wall of a building.

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Keith Haring’s Sneakers

Reebok teams up with the Keith Haring Foundation again to literally bring the artist back to the streets. The Adidas subsidiary company will release four limited edition sneakers that carry Haring’s signature characters all over. The four Keith Haring infused styles that complement the Spring/Summer 14 Collection are: Classic Leather Lux, Workout Mid Strap, Princess and NPC Lux. All artwork is inspired by Haring’s Matrix mural from 1983.

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Pro176 Exhibition

Big hi-tech scenes, as if translated directly from comics, bursting with color, but restrained with thick contour is how paintings of PRO 176 can be described. PRO 176 encountered works of his current major influence, the famous American comic artist, Jack Kirby, at the age of 5. The universe of the French creative is somewhat shifted, while the everlasting battle of good versus evil remains a constant subject of his works. His paintings are packed with unknown galaxies, heroes, villains and robotic characters

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