Highlights: Jan 13 – 19

January 19, 2014

The highlight posts of the bygone week featured: A man they call the Japanese Banksy; An artist that introduces himself; A monochromatic group exhibition in Paris; and the Power and Glory of Obey. First popular post this week was the preview of AITO’s exhibition at London’s Graffik Gallery. AITO, who is not very well known in Europe and heavily persecuted in Japan provoked interest in our users and became the most popular feature of the entire week.  Next up was a post that featured another stencil artist: Rene Gagnon. The French street artist presented an introductory body of work with the very fitting title “Hi! My Name Is…” We move on to yet another highlight post of a French street art exhibition. The “Black and White” group exhibition with YZ, JonOne and Nicolas Buffe that only presented black and white art. The final popular post this week was Shepard Fairey’s Power and Glory limited print release at the LA Art Show.


Street art lovers and stencil enthusiasts of London should in no case omit to see the upcoming exhibition of AITO, the Japanese Banksy, as he is called by some, and an absolutely wonderful artist. The exhibition will be hosted by  a renowned London street art gallery Graffik in Notting Hill. Currently residing in the UK capital, this phenomenal representative of Japanese street art is having his English debut.

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Shepard Fairey

New edition of prints titled Power and Glory is the result of a very fruitful collaborative project of Obey mastermind, Shepard Fairey and Paul Stolper Gallery. The series will be presented at this year’s LA Art Show

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Rene Gagnon

MECKA Gallery is the latest addition to the Brooklyn gallery scene, and the inaugural show presented is a new spatial creative output by a well known urban artist, Rene Gagnon. The exhibition titled Hi! My Name is… was brought to life by a Bottleneck Brooklyn gallery crew, as they assembled a space dedicated solely to the liberated street art expression.

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Black and White

Parisian branch of Magda Danysz Gallery is presenting a new group exhibition by three artists, whose histories differ, but whose expressions have much compatibility. YZ, JonOne and Nicolas Buffe have their work displayed on the show titled Black&White, opened on January 11. This beautiful show is dedicated to exploration of artistic and representational possibilities of the seemingly limited black and white chromatism.

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