Highlights: Jan 6 -12

January 12, 2014

Last week’s most popular post were technological, galactic, street credible, fashionable and ugly. Don’t you ask what’s wrong with those Widewalls writers? This is all on you my dearest reader. These are the topics of the most read posts of last week. First one that really went through the roof at the beginning of last week was the mural app that Street Art London improved just recently re-launched. Next highlight followed the same day with the presentation of Miles Donovan’s collage-space-art. Donovan’s art is rooted in true NASA origin, which makes it even cooler. The Street Update did what was expected of him. It presented 2013’s most impressive murals and what logically the most visited post in the bygone week. Next was kinda obvious as well. Why? It looks so fucking cool to put fashion label logos on Montana spray cans. It also fucking cool to draw the American flag on a wood panel, combine spray paint with fine painting and call it Ugly American.

Street Art App

First launched in March 2012, Street Art London iPhone app is now redone and upgraded into a version 2.0, available at the iTunes store. Since street art has become an important cultural interest of many London inhabitants and visitors, the app created by Street Art London and Geo Street Art was a necessary guide to these urban treasures.

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Out of this World

When it comes to collage art, one of the inspiring series in the past few years was definitely the Ulysses series created in early 2012 by Miles Donovan. The series was premiered at the London Pick me up Contemporary Graphic Art Fair, and it made quite an impression on all visitors. Classic approach to collage, retro aesthetics, rendering of space-related subject were all bound together in imaginative artwork executed by the artist.

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Street Update

2013 has been a year of unbelievable murals. Not only the artistic skill, magnitude and collaborations were groundbreaking but also the significance these street art pieces had on perception change from graffiti to urban art. These criteria have guided us through the selection of the 10 best murals of 2013. Murals by: How and Nosm, Nychos, David Walker, DALeast, Faith47, Ron English, Hopare, JR, Etam Cru, Vhils and Pixel Pancho.

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Fashion Spray Cans

Surpassing the gaps between graffiti and art, fashion and streetwear, the successful Portland based graphic designer Antonio Brasko produced an immaculately designed, branded series of iconic aerosol containers married with just as iconic fashion brand logos and their signature colors.

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The Ugly American

Experimental art space, The Outsiders London, opened a new exhibition on January 10 by an American aerosol art star, Saber, titled The Ugly American. The show was moved to London by popular demand, after an extraordinary public reception at The Outsiders space in Newcastle. The works by the dashing artist will be on view until February 15.

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