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July 2, 2014

From the Golden Age Masters to Street Art

Amsterdam is the most important cultural and artistic centre of the north. Renowned for the Masters from the Golden Age who have settled in the Dutch capital in the ancient 1600s, Amsterdam still plays a key role in the art world. For those who like experimenting or see and buy the most recent in painting, photography, street art and other media, Amsterdam is the perfect place to spend time and money. Skip the big museums! Amsterdam is full of galleries showcasing mind-blowing contemporary art. We’ve made a list of the ten most noteworthy. Enjoy!

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The Work of the Greatest

Remember Steve Lazarides’ scene of “color shed” before the launch of the Banksy: The Unauthorised Retrospective show at Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery? Well, the event certainly attracted our attention and imagination, promising a great exhibition. The exhibition is now set and we can look how Lazarides’ action painting performance fits with Banksy’s subversive art. The long-awaited exhibition showcases an array of works Lazarides considers seminal to the rise of today’s arguably the most famous street artist. However, it wouldn’t have been possible without the helping hands of two experts in the field, S|2 Gallery director Fru Tholstrup and Sotheby’s co-head of contemporary art Cheyenne Westphal. The trio produced a comprehensive selling show across both floors of Sotheby’s new commercial gallery space.

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Buy? Sell? Liquidate?

There is a lot of talk in recent months about the new website ArtRank and how it affects collectors thinking about buying art. It seems that most art market experts think the controversial website impacts negatively on the art world with its “buy” or “sell” judgments. By making “buy” or “sell” and even “liquidate” judgments on contemporary artists same as stockbrokers rate shares, the website founder Carlos Rivera apparently knows what buttons to push. Widewalls discusses the benefits and pitfalls of ArtRank.

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The Man

Writing about Futura is one of the most pleasant and most difficult things we do: Pleasant because Futura is a graffiti legend that pioneered the way into contemporary art; Difficult because what more can you say about a pioneering graffiti legend? Our attempt to honor the man goes as follows: In recent weeks Futura participated in the 106 Bayard project in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that beautifies the district and celebrates graffiti. Only weeks later on June 13th the artist began painting the entrails of the Palais de Tokyo for the third edition Lasco Project together with Vhils, Cleon Peterson, Cockney, Evol, Horfe, Ken and Sortais. Only a day later he opened a solo exhibition at the Paris branch of Magda Danysz gallery titled “Futura: Introspective”. At the same time Futura began the “One Nation: One Team” initiative with Lupe Fiasco and the US Soccer Team to prepare the country for the World Cup in Brazil. On June 21st he presented the LEWDS collection, a fashion collaboration with Crooks & Castles, at the labels Fairfax location.

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Dancing Beneath the Surface

Currently on view at The Outsiders London is the wonderful exhibition of photographer Christy Lee Rogers, depicting her underwater visions inspirited by the idea of circus performance. Entitled ÉLAN the exhibition encompasses twenty-four new pieces, available in very limited editions and it is the first solo show of the artist with the gallery. The series follows Rogers’ aquatic explorations commenced in her previous photographic work, this time investigating the concept of vitality and enthusiasm embodied in the French word selected for the title. Photographs are entirely free of any post-rendering, while the conceptual essence is conveyed through visuals belonging to the theme that inspired many throughout the history of art

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