Highlights: March 10 - 16

March 16, 2014

Street Artists on Instagram

Instagram has become one of the Internet’s most popular social networks. The photo-sharing service is a tremendous platform for visual artists to show their work and for followers to get hooked on peeking into their creative processes. In order to inject a great arty content into your daily life, Widewalls has compiled a list of 10 artists to follow on Instagram. Based on their shares we believe these artists need to be followed regularly are…

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Ernest Zacharevic rides to Barcelona

The Ernest Zacharevic exhibition “Rock, Paper, Scissors“ will be a unique opportunity to gaze upon portraits and drawings on various materials, and to see different art objects that bear the essence of street life atmosphere. His lovely characters and naive genre scenes take us back to childhood, they make one smile and revisit the feeling of infinite possibility. The Barcelona show is a gallery presentation of the work usually inhabiting streets and open spaces. It will be more than interesting to witness what Ernest Zacharevic has in his pocket when it comes to smaller scale and paper-based media.

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We bring you another magnificent piece by one of our favorite duos in street art: Herakut. The 80cm x 60cm ‘swinging dog’ piece is one of Herakut’s mixed media artworks. They create the 3-D swing effect by deconstructing the framed canvas and placing the dog in between the torn canvas pieces. Artistically reoccurring is the pug. Like on many other Herkaut artworks the pug is depicted with children or as in this piece alone. The pug is the central imagery of “Swing”. Characteristic for Herakut they play with the concept of anthropomorphism. Herakut transfer the human ability of grasping ropes onto the pug, giving the animal a childish appearance. The pullover and the party rest do the rest to remind us of a little kid sitting on a swing.

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Fashion Spray Cans

An artist and designer who branded the spray cans with the most famous fashion names assigning each their signature color, Antonio Brasko, is having an exhibition at the Los Angeles Space Seventh Letter Gallery. The show is entitled Brandalism, as it contains a dual meaning: one addresses the vandalistic nature of aerosol, and the other handles the act of vandalizing the brands. However, these cans have turned out to be more than attractive and they became highly desired collectibles.

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Clean Water

More and more companies are thinking socially and environmentally responsible. One such company dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the world’s greatest causes is BNE. This time BNE is campaigning for water together with Invader, FAILE and Shepard Fairey. A mission is to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet and one of the means are specially designed T-shirts. Invader, FAILE and Shepard Fairey have designed limited edition tees

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