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April 7, 2014

Girls on Walls

The alias often doesn’t indicate the gender.  Maybe because of that we do not have a clear idea of how many women street artists is actually out there. Some artists do not announce their feminine identity, feeling that being a woman shouldn’t change the perception of their art. By all means, the street art is no longer the exclusive boy’s club. It took some time, but the time has come. Graffiti art is being increasingly taken over by women and girls are literally leaving their mark in the public sphere. Our list only scratches the surface. We are sure that we have overlooked many great and promising women street artists, which may be a good excuse for a new article, but these ten girls, in our opinion, are pushing the boundaries of urban art at the moment.  Working in diverse styles and media, some of them consciously advocate feminine element in street art, while others go beyond gender.

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Inside Rook & Raven

Passionate fans of Lionel Smit‘s work will surely appreciate our re-pointing to his exhibition “CUMULUS” at Rook & Raven in London. This brand new body of work features a selection of original paintings and etchings, alongside a collection of bronze sculptures. Primarily a painter and sculptor, Smit’s main subject is the portraiture. He is devoted to the deconstruction of the portrait through monumental canvases and sculptures. Smit paints anonymous people, most often the Cape Malay women, making their faces memorable. For him, identity formation is similar to exposing the anatomy of the canvas. Cumulus runs until April 30th. Widewalls has some new photos from the opening night we thought you’d appreciate. Voilà!

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La Faabrik

Not an ordinary interview was in the mind of La Faabrïk founders when they started this intriguing magazine in 2011. The alternative to simple, traditional, or boring conversation was found in providing disposable cameras to artists and letting them take snapshots of their routines, creative processes or things they find noteworthy. The original magazine concept has conjured up an alluring entity, which features exhibitions, events and artistic collaborations providing a look into the arts from a completely different angle.  Midnight Boom will be the first collective exhibition for La Faabrïk, presenting a roster of French and international creatives, promising different styles, approaches and aesthetics. The show opens tonight, on April 3 and it will be on view at the L’Attrape Rêve Gallery in Paris until April 26.

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Two Generations

Le Salon du Dessin Contemporain or Drawing Now Paris is the first contemporary art fair solely dedicated to the art of drawing. This year’s 8th edition of the event presented 87 international galleries picked by an independent selection committee, which brought their rosters of emerging and established draughtsman. Featured at Drawing Now Paris 2014 program is a collaboration between Jacques Villeglé, Lek and Sowat, designed to present a lined meeting of two generations of artists, who jointly produced a large narrative at the Espace Commines exhibition space. Taking drawing to another level, all three of the creatives have focused keeping its essential quality of the record-keeping material.

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American Icon

Wes Lang lifts the veil of his artistic process. The artist transported his entire studio and more to the Aarhus Museum of Art in Denmark for an exhibition that is accordingly titled Wes Lang: Studio. The exhibition space of the museum is set up to represent the American artists studio in LA. The Studio of Wes Lang is typically filled with pictures, trinkets, materials and treasures gathered by the artist over the years. He uses them as inspiration, playing with his gems while conjuring up the modern mythology of the American dream. The exhibit promises a unique opportunity to sneak a peek into the working environment of this rock n’ roll creative. The reconstruction of the studio is a project in itself, as hundreds of objects have been transported from the original LA space to Aarhus. So much dedication deserves recognition; therefore Wes Lang is our Artist of the Week.

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