Highlights: November 17 – 23

November 24, 2014

ROA in Rome

For how much longer will man continue to devastate everything and everyone in order to build, earn and prosper? What kind of prosperity is it, when it’s drenched in blood of the innocent members of non-human species? The extinction of more species is on the rise daily, and the absurd actions and neglect of humans does not help. As the creatures of nature cannot speak up for themselves, there is art to raise a voice in their name, and one artist devoted himself to emphasizing the importance of preservation of species inherently bound to urban and metropolitan areas. He’s widely known as Roa, and he recently completed a touching large-scale mural in Rome, evoking a tragic accident resulting in the death of mamma-bear. The mural named Daniza is painted as a part of Spray 4 Your Rights project, coordinated by Dorothy Circus Gallery, where Roa’s exhibition Suovetaurilia is on view through December.

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Germany’s Premier Destinations

Recently we wrote about the exceptional German urban and street art scene and today we revisit the wonderful country of Germany and embark on a short trip through the streets of Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dortmund and Soest in search of the country’s best urban and street art galleries. With an extraordinary history of urban art, most clearly seen on the walls of Berlin, city which has been often regarded as one of the world’s epicenters of the movement, it comes as no surprise that Germany has one of the most developed gallery scenes worldwide that successfully keeps track with those of New York, Paris and Los Angeles. What follows is our selection of ten urban and street art galleries that represents the cross section of the Germany’s highly vibrant and widely influential urban art gallery scene.

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Clash of Street Art

Two contemporary artists and significant figures of street art, sparked the following discussion which would form into a discourse, introduced to us as Exit Through the Gift Shop. When a Parisian street artist, going by the name of Invader introduced his camera-loving cousin Thierry Guetta to the counter-culture world of transforming urban space, he set in motion a series of events which would lead us to endless discussions on the nature of street art, questioning perhaps even the very core of contemporary art. It is quite interesting to observe how the careers of these two personas molded two distinctive approaches to the practice of street art, creating an avalanche of intriguing open questions…

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Urban Art's Contemporary Master

Even though he’s been on the art scene for only few years now, the art world is already infatuated with the work of David Walker. Not only is his  technique impeccable, but his approach and style are what first drew the attention of the public to his art. Being somewhere in the middle between street and fine art, Walker’s color explosive, photo-realistic portraits are created using only spray paint but with the sophistication of a  contemporary art piece. Initially, Walker only worked with black, white, and pink colors since they were much cheaper. This also allowed him to concentrate on the subjects, as opposed to the colors. One day, he found a box of unused spray paints whith a variety of colors in his studio. He attempted to experiment and found it useful to display all the colors at once. Not only was this a fun and exciting moment for David Walker, but it also lead him to his current work.

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Asia’s Premier Destination

Today we take another trip to the far east, this time to search for exceptional urban and street art galleries. We will be walking through the streets of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Bangkok and visiting some of the finest art spaces on the Asian continent. From major international players such as Gagosian, to more independent, small operations like Kult Gallery and Above Second, all ten galleries featured on the following list are well worth poking your head into. They provide a great insight in international, and more importantly vibrant local art scene and exhibit groundbreaking art, especially the smaller galleries that bravely challenge the status quo and where one can find the most challenging art around.

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