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November 4, 2014

Traveling Exhibition at Urban Spree

Polish urban art has proven to be a growing and simulative phenomenon within the arena of street art. Artists from Poland are widely recognized today, all of which was made possible through the activities of inspiring artists. The recognizable style and the intense street activity have rendered Polish artists to showcase work and spread their imagery across the borders of Eastern Europe and all over the globe. Through Polish Urban Art project, the public of Europe’s seven cities will be able to enjoy the work and creative process of individuals coming from the cultural environment of Poland. Everything began in October in Kiev, and it will conclude in the city of Lublin, a home base of the “traveling exhibition.”

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Germany’s Streets

The German street art scene, with its overwhelming numbers of experimental, highly innovative and perfectionist artists, has always been keeping up with those of New York, Paris and London. City of Berlin, with its rich graffiti history (just think of the 1980s graffiti decorated Berlin Wall with its politically engaged murals and bubbly lettered slogans), is one of the most ‘bombed’ cities in Europe, some refer to as a graffiti Mecca of the contemporary urban art world. Today we take a quick look at some of the most prominent and internationally acclaimed German urban and street artists whose artworks display a wide array of exceptional talents.

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LOOK to Ultraland

We met LOOK the first time in Belgrade by coincidence. We were walking down the street when we came across some artists painting a the outside wall of the gallery they were exhibiting at. The mural was instantly recognizable as a piece by the WEIRD Crew. LOOK was one of the artists who was painting when we arrived. The piece was magnificent and and intrigued us to see the works they exhibited inside. So we attended the vernissage in the evening. We got into talking with LOOK and made the deal to meet up when we’re all back in Berlin. So when LOOK informed us about his exhibition “Meanwhile in Ultraland” at Epicentro gallery in Mitte we took the chance to interview him. Here’s the recollection of a dream, a magnificent peach beach and the origins of LOOK the Weird.

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R.I.P. Trigz

The famous tattoo and graffiti artists Trigz (Michael Christopher Pebley) was shot dead in in North Hollywood 12 days ago. Witnesses said that Trigger aka Trigz was involved in an argument with another man inside the Black Derby Smoke Shop. The dispute escalated into a physical fight that eventually ended in four gunshots being fires in front of the shop. The attack happened at 5:50 pm. Trigz was gunned down, lying on the ground, when police officers arrived at the crime scene. Trigz killer fled the scene in a white Honda Accord. Law Enforcement was asking people for any information that could lead to the apprehension of the suspect.

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Auction Analysis

Multiformity: The Auction is an event organized by Studio 4, as part of the Public Art Festival: Multiformity. It is the aim of the auction to support the mural programme Open Gallery. Namely, 25% of the proceeds will go to reinforcing this mural program. The auction, as well as the festival itself, presents deep devotion to the art of urban interventions as well as street art culture. What is probably most important for the prospective collectors, the online auction will be an opportunity to acquire artwork from talented artists, bidding on pieces which do not have a high starting offer. This is a short overview of artists whose work you should own as well as a list of some pieces we found most interesting among the 37 lots available…

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