Highlights: September 15 – 21

September 22, 2014

Who the F**k is Bambi?

In the arena of contemporary art, during the past decade, we were able to witness the stimulating and very significant discourse, both academic and public, concerning the position and perspectives of the engaging phenomenon of street art. While the discourse continues, we are asking ourselves the questions concerning the field of popular culture, artist’s identities and new aesthetics which is coming to life through various forms of artistic expression. It is inevitable that this kind of situation would bring new and talented artists to the surface of the discussion. It would seem that the question which appears as the constant in this never-ending story shows itself as follows: Are we talking about art or the hype transpired by the nature of popular culture?

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Mural Roundup

The beauty of street art is that just when you think you saw everything there is to see, something or someone new comes along and blows your mind. The freshness of the art, always evolving techniques and more and more creative artists make our work here at Widewalls wonderful. This week, as you already know, we present you the latest works from your favorite and soon-to-be favorite street artists. Italian artist Etnik was in Germany where he just finished two new murals. His colleague Wesr was also in Germany doing a fantastic piece for the Focus Festival, while Ollio and Peeta showed off their mad skills for the Swedish crowd at the No Limit Borås festival. And last, but not the least, one of our favorite art collectives, Cyrcle. stopped by the Netherlands to do a massive mural for the Cultura Nova mural project. Check out our gallery and choose your own favorite artist! Enjoy!

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Bristol We Go Hard

Rabbit Eye Movement is at it again! With its ongoing mission to contribute to the transformation and evolution of urban art, the movement and its gallery space have come to be a very well known focal point for street art and urban art enthusiasts. In the very near future, the art space will host some of the famous names, as well as emerging ones, of the Bristol street art scene…

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Bella Italia

Italy, country with an incredibly rich art history, has in the last two decades become the home of a thriving group of street artists who have managed to bring their country’s street art scene up to the level of those found in America, Great Britain and France. Today they are internationally renowned for their art and are painting and exhibiting it all around the world. With an overwhelming number of such extremely talented young artists coming from this country, creating the following list was not an easy task to do. Nonetheless, this is our choice of the most prominent and highly prolific Italian urban artists you should most definitely know and will most certainly follow.

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Parisian Collective

Not a crew, but a collective drawn together by same ideas and eagerness to write graffiti freely, French Kiss have been working together for a while. Their summer 2014 actions around Paris left the city richer with unexpected wall creations, turning back to all the core values of graffiti, addressing ephemerality and breaking the myth of individuality, as the creative group always focuses on the whole wall, attempting to create a coherent mural.

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