Vertical Gallery's Holiday Group Show: Twelve for December

December 8, 2016

The festive last month of the Gregorian calendar is all about the number 12. Proudly presenting its holiday group show xii/xii, Vertical Gallery in Chicago is saying farewell to the year in style. Heralding the season with a group show of one dozen of the leading urban-contemporary artists from around the globe, the exhibition xii/xii is an event not to be missed. Featuring the works of  Martin Whatson (NO), Brandon Boyd (US), My Dog Sighs (UK), Lefty Out There (US), Presto (BR), TWOONE (AU), Prefab77 (UK), Amose (FR), Lie (US), Rene Gagnon (US), Pez Barcelona (CO), and XOOOOX (DE) the exhibition promises a great insight into the contemporary art production today.

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Left: Brandon Boyd - Heart of Gold / Right: Amose - Baldarchi

The Various Styles

Since its inception in 2013, Vertical Gallery presented a host of solo and group shows which focus on urban and street art, graphic design, illustration, and pop culture. This time, it is no different, and the featured artists display the new trends and styles of both watercolor paintings, placed face to face with the latest of urban art which seems to fuse the illustrative and the figurative showcasing the new understanding of the representational. Celebrating the diversity and the eclectic style of contemporary art, featured artists celebrate color, expressive force of the brush or spray cans, reference the traditional style of painting with a twist, and offer to the world its new symbols.

Pez - La Fabrica de Sonrisas

The Featured Artists

The contemporary artist Martin Watson transforms his stencil art into pure magic which incorporates two elements in a unique way, the monochromatic use of gray for his images decorated with graffiti of vibrant color. The celebration of the watercolor technique, and the beauty of the female characters describes the production of Brandon Boyd, while the combination of melancholic and often naïve portraiture, fusing found objects, spray paint cans or abandoned food cans, produced a worldwide recognition for My Dog Sighs. Underneath the sea of lines produced by the Chicago-based artist Lefty, there is a whole new world of faces, people, and objects which create their own patterns and rhythm, so important for the artist. Always surprising the scene with new mediums and pieces, Twoone is one of the most dynamic artists of the 21st century who is well-known for his installations and portrayals of animal-headed humans. The art group Prefab77, showcase that a beautiful image can carry an important political message. The focus the human body, which the French artist Amose scratches and deforms, creates a new understanding of figure painting. Influenced by the hip-hop and rap subculture, Rene Gagnon works across an array of artistic disciplines, and defines his style as post-graffiti abstract expressionism while the early writing of tags by the Spanish artist Pez Barcelona transformed itself into vibrant images of grinning fish which lead to his well-known trademarked style. Both XOOOOXPresto, American fine artist Lie create some of the most vibrant and thought-provoking installation and mural pieces of the world.

Left: Prefab77 - Artwork / Right: Presto - Artwork

The Holiday Group Show at the Vertical Gallery in Chicago

As a miracle before Christmas, Vertical gallery presents its holiday group show xii/xii to the Chicago public. Featuring the works of the most celebrated names of urban art production, the exhibition is both an insight into contemporary art trends and its kaleidoscopic nature. Opening on 10th December, 2016 the show will last until 7th January, 2017. As an extra bonus to the exhibition, 10% of proceeds will be donated to The Simple Good.

All images courtesy of Vertical Gallery. Featured image in slider: Lefty Out There - Multicolored Stretched; Left: Martin Whatson - Feather / Right - XOOOOX Transformer IV; Twoone - Bright Future

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