How and Nosm Wall to Wall Action

September 20, 2014

Running for the fourth year in a row, the monster collaboration of Converse and Juxtapoz named Wall to Wall project invites hottest muralists from around the world to add to the look of designated cities with their creative touch. Numerous murals thus created are printed monthly on the back side of the paper issue of Juxtapoz magazine, while the project is fully covered through online media, although it remains that the experience of viewing the fantastic creations live is something else entirely. Having started in 2011, Wall to Wall was honored with participations of some of the most acclaimed names of urban art today, including Ron English, Buff Monster (who even designed a pair od Chuck Taylor's All Stars), Andrew Schoultz, Cleon Peterson, David Ellis, and many others, while the project spans literally across the planet, taking over cities from LA to New York, over Barcelona and Lyon, all the way to Hong Kong.
The latest addition to the massive mural project was created by the famous New York based European twins, How and Nosm.

Wall to Wall Project
How and Nosm - Mural in the making

Red Hot Summer Day

How and Nosm seem to never cease creating, as their murals, shows and print projects are in continued alternation. One of the most prolific street art duos out there adorned a wall in Brooklyn with a mural entitled curiously Red Hot Summer Day. An obvious play on words addressing the twins’ recognizable red, pink, grey, black and white palette and the fact the piece was completed in the middle of the summer at the beginning of August, does not dispute with the fact the piece is quite hot as well, although it took more than a day to complete. An intricate public artwork is located on the side of the building on Flushing and Knickerbocker in Bushwick, breathing in some of that odd, vibrant energy of How and Nosm art into the hood.

Wall to Wall Project
How and Nosm - Red Hot Summer Day, Brooklyn - Photo Credit Daniel Weintraub

Brooklyn Wall Shines

Red Hot Summer Day is a great piece, no doubt about it. It’s visually complex, while dancing on the verge of evocative and representational, remaining puzzling enough for the viewers to decide for themselves. It was created following the artists’ stylistic trait of motif repetition, where core patterns and shapes have been replicated numerous times, until they’ve gained completely new visual values. The focal character is a gian ‘spaceman’, with other dwellers implied within his cool, comical armor, jesting in an endless plane on a distant, yet similar, planet, while donning a very customized version of the famous Chuck Taylors with a heart instead of a star.

Wall to Wall Project
How and Nosm in Action

How and Nosm at Their Best

What is interesting about this mural in particular, that it draws the attention to the right places, to the big picture and the basic message, while still containing heaps of symbols to be uncovered. It’s not distractive, the composition is sound, harmonious and together, while the actual artistry of How and Nosm in the medium of spray paint really stands out. Red Hot Summer Day is a phenomenal addition to the Brooklyn borough, and we wait what How and Nosm, and what Wall to Wall people, will conjure next.
The mural by How and Nosm will be featured on the back of Juxtapoz November 2014 printed issue.

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