Honoring the Human Figure With These Artworks For Sale

April 25, 2019

Throughout art history, artists were dazzled by the human figure – from prehistory, through Renaissance when the representation of corporeality became more elaborate, to Modernism where it became distorted, deranged and abstract. The urge to determine the representational cannons is justified just as well as the deconstruction of it is, but whichever the strategy is undertaken by the artists, the fact is that the human body constantly evolved and so did the socially accepted ideals of the same.

After the centuries of art making, in a contemporary moment, the artists can express themselves however they want, and so the depiction of corporeality became a flexible and rather heterogeneous category.

We have now selected eight exceptional artworks made in different epochs which you can add to your collection now.

Featured image: Babeth Montagnier - Elsa 4614. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Elly Smallwood - Self Portrait

The first artwork on our list is a beautiful self-portrait of Canadian painter Elly Smallwood known for her deeply personal works. By engaging various layers of her experiences and memories, she creates distinct compositions centered on the representation of corporeality. The grotesque and innocent become intersected through delicate figures whose state of mind is expressed through their facial gestures. Therefore, it can be said that Smallwood is exploring various themes such as sexuality and loneliness.

See more info about the work here.

Henri Matisse – Untitled

Following up is a print made by Henri Matisse, one of the most celebrated proponents of modernism. This outstanding master expressed himself through painting, but other media as well and was best known for innovative draughtsmanship and specific use of color. Along with André Derain Matisse was the leading member of the Fauvism in a period from 1900 until 1910; he was a great rival and a friend with Pablo Picasso, an, in brief, the crucial figure of European modern art until he passed away in 1954.

This work was made in 1936 and it features a female nude, which is not unusual since Matisse was much interested in the exploration of the human anatomy.

See more info about the work here.

Philip Bosmans – Krabklauw

Belgium-based artist Philip Bosmans is a self-taught painter and graffiti artist devoted to the surrealist imagery. All of his works are based on dreams, happiness, and grief, and are engaging since the artist draws the observer to search for fine layers of his dense and intriguing narratives. Bosmans also produces digital art, so he  is producing eqaully interesting logotypes, and has won numerous awards.

The work Krabklauw (Crab claw) features two hybrid figures consisting of female features, animal heads and, as the title suggests, crab claws.

See more info about the work here.

Andy Warhol - Polaroid Photograph from the Sex Parts and Torsos Series, 1977

Next work on our list devoted to the human figure is a polaroid by Andy Warhol. Namely, in 1971 Polaroid presented a new product on the market, and it was the Big Shot camera which had an integrated flash, viewfinder, and fixed focus lens. From the contemporary stance, it can be observed as the predecessor of the selfie culture – a tool embraced by Andy Warhol. Although the company stopped producing in 1973, the Pop prince continued using it until his death in 1987; he took simple, yet glamorous shots of actors, artists, politicians, clubbers, and Factory hangers-on, and himself.

This particular shot is of a male behind, and it tells much of Warhol’s apparent fascination with the male physique.

See more info about the work here.

Sylvie Mangaud – Harmonie

Sylvie Mangaud is a French sculptress known for fragile looking representations of humans and animals. She embraced this media around the 1990s, after abandoning photography. Ever since Manguad is focused on capturing the movement and emotion of the chosen subjects, and so her aesthetically balanced works reflect profound lightness and elegance.

The work symbolically titled Harmonie embodies all the stated above.

See more info about the work here.

Julian Opie - Ruth With Cigarette 5

Next up is the work of a famous British artist Julian Opie who is one of the best-known representatives of the New British Sculpture movement. He appeared on the art scene during the 1980s, and came to prominence for his simplistic, linear and rendered signature style. His themes encompass art history, use of new technology, obsession with the human body expressed through different media.

This work called Ruth With Cigarette 5 is a simplistic Lamda Print On Fujicolour Digital Archival Paper made by the artist in 2005.

See more info about the work here.

Babeth Montagnier - Elsa 4614

The photographer Elisabeth or Babeth Montagnier is well known for her works presented in frontal framing and a square format. By embracing minimalistic aesthetic the artist is evoking harmony, beauty, and gentleness. The recurrent motifs such as fruits and flowers reflect Montagnier’s interest in the state of things and so her works seem to be reminiscent of the Baroque memento mori paintings.

This particular photograph is different and it features the female features wrapped with pieces of fabric; the color scheme evokes fragility and tenders, but sensuality as well.

See more info about the work here.

Agent X - En Dedans Pirouette Avec Des Fleurs

The last work on our list was made by a talented and mysterious American artist Agent X who is known for producing experimental multimedia collage art, paintings, and 2D artworks. His works are saturated with various references from popular culture, technology, fashion, politics, and race. Therefore, it can be said that the artist is creating specific narratives which encourage the audience to think deeply about what they are seeing.

En Dedans Pirouette Avec Des Fleurs is a print made by Agent X in 2007 and it features a silhouette of a ballet dancer saturated with floral imagery.

See more info about the work here.

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