In Focus Next Week: July 27 – August 2

July 26, 2015

It’s the last week of hot July, and we are slowly entering August. During July, we saw some amazing summer art events that have perfectly combined sun, beach, sea and art. On the other hand, many galleries celebrate the summer season with great group exhibitions or solo shows. Indeed, don’t think that the entire world of contemporary art stops functioning during the summer. No, in fact many interesting things happen in galleries all around the world, as we will see from the preview of the most important art events that are due to begin next week.
It’s peak of the summer season, and if you haven’t yet decided where to spend your vacation, we have a great recommendation for you. The beautiful island of Brač, Croatia hosts an amazing street art festival, where some great local artists, as well as those from the region, will create some nice pieces. A perfect opportunity to enjoy art, sea and sun. On the other part of the globe, and for those interested in different artistic practices, we recommend Seattle Art Festival that will bring together amazing galleries and artists. If you are a collector, Seattle is a place to be next week. Chicago’s Vertical Gallery organizes an event that will attract street art lovers, with an exhibition of the latest works by EINE, Sickboy and Word to Mother. If you are somewhere on the US West Coast, you shouldn’t miss the exhibition of Denali Schmidt’s works at San Francisco-bases White Walls Gallery. Finally, back in Europe (Berlin, to be precise), Open Walls hosts an amazing group exhibition, where 22 contemporary artists are about to showcase their pieces.
Great week ahead! Enjoy the peak of the summer season, and be sure to check out some of these amazing art events in the coming days!

Graffiti Na Gradele 

Opening: July 27

Bol, Croatia

...Spread across the town of Bol, the Graffiti na Gradele festival will occupy and revive several locations, with the help of some of the best graffiti artists in the region. Participating this year will be Azram from Ljubljana, Slovenia; Artez (whom we interviewed in a podcast – have a listen!) and Junk from Belgrade, Serbia; Chez, ArtuDitu collective, Modul, Bare from Pimp My Pump, Zipo, Holick, Sarme, Arot, Royal, Casino and Nia from Zagreb, Croatia; Anxio, Wens, Oreb and Smog from Split, Croatia and Seko, Ewone and Elah from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The writers will traditionally paint the 25-meter wall of the famous Fabrika (or “factory”) before moving on to the abandoned hotel complex of Bijela kuća (or “White house”). There, the visitors will also be able to attend the skateboard competition and an amazing music program, like every year. Other activities will take place in the House of Culture Bol, cafe Batuda and the Bol summer theater...

Seattle Art Fair

Opening: July 31

Seattle, United States

...A number of globally renowned galleries will be present at Seattle Art Fair 2015, coming  from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Seattle, and Portland, as well as exhibitors from Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo. Exciting exhibitor highlights include Gagosian Gallery, David Zwirner, Paul Kasmin, Pace Gallery, James Cohan Gallery, Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, Greg Kucera Gallery, Catharine Clark Gallery, and Tokyo-bases KaiKai Kiki Gallery...

Sickboy, Word to Mother, EINE

The Great Western

Opening: August 1

Vertical Gallery 

Chicago, United States

...The Great Western title refers to a main railway line in the United Kingdom which connects the cities of London where EINE and Word To Mother are based, and Bristol, a home city of Sickboy. The connection, in this case, is physical, as these artists were frequent travelers on this particular line through their careers, as much as metaphorical, connecting this trio through mutual respect and friendship, resulting in the most recent group show in Chicago. During The Great Western exhibition, many new artworks will be on display, those made in the recognizable style of these respected artists to some special features like the 1974 vintage pinball machine fully customized by Sickboy as part of his installation. The exhibition is not limited to the space of the gallery and a very interesting event following the show is EINE’s creation of a large-scale mural in the downtown Chicago area...


Opening: August 1

Open Walls Gallery

Berlin, Germany

...The roster for this exhibition is considerable since twenty-two artists are called to participate. They are all connected through the painting media as their preferred method of work and by the way they transfer their subjective notion of pain into exceptional art pieces. The Pain-Ting exhibition brings together an array of Australian artists, many of them represented by the 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace. Artists coming from Australia are: Esther Erlich, Richard Denny, Filthy the Bear, Melissa Hartley, Johnny Romeo, Been Sheers, Go Suga, Clare Toms, Kate McCarthy, Yosi Messiah, Dan Withey and James Reka. The line-up will also includeBlo and Jaybo Monk from France, Hiroyasu Tsuri aka Twoone from Japan, Jason Bryant, Jennifer Mondfrans and James Bulloughfrom the USA, Danny Figueroa from Peru, Juan Arata from Argentina and Spanish artists Skount and Guim Tio Zarraluki. Many ofPain-Ting participants are currently living and working in Berlin...

Denali Schmidt 

Peak Inspirations

Opening: July 27

White Walls Gallery

San Francisco, United States

...Denali Schmidt is an artist and mountaineer born in Australia, son of a famous mountain guide and climber Marty Schmidt who was killed in the same accident as his son while climbing K2 in Pakistan. After Denali’s death, numerous art pieces were discovered and will be brought to light during this exhibition. The artistic practice of Denali Schmidt is rooted in his passion for outdoor adventures, explored in various media including painting, installation, videography, photography and writing. The trademark of his work is definitely the overwhelming imagery of mountain tops and visual representation of climber’s exhilaration once he is able to reach its highest peak...

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Images in Slider: Denali Schmidt - Summit of our Time no.2, 2012 (courtesy of Denali Foundation and White Walls Gallery); Esther Erlich Touch Up, 2015 ( courtesy of Open Walls Gallery and 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace); Graffiti na Gradele 2014 (courtesy of Graffiti na Gradele); Sawyers - Untitled (courtesy of Seattle Art Fair 2015); Sickboy 2015 (courtesy of Vertical Gallery).

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