In Focus Next Week: August 17 – 23

August 16, 2015

There is a public holiday in Italy called Ferragosto. It is been celebrated on August 15 every year, and it is one of the most popular holidays in this country. However, the term Ferragosto has also been widely used for a period of summer when the vast majority of population goes on vacation. In big cities, many stores are closed, while beaches on the seaside are full of people. While many people use their last chance to go somewhere on vacations, a lot of galleries are on “summer vacations” as well. Of course, many art events are ongoing, and there are plenty of amazing things going on at this moment, but it seems that preparations for a busy and interesting September have already begun.
Still, there are some quite amazing exhibitions opening next week. Benoni Galleri from Copenhagen is organizing an exhibition of the Serbian graffiti art duo Sobekcis, entitled Fundamental. Amazing Dutch street artist SIT will exhibit his works in his hometown Amsterdam, at the Kallenbach Gallery. Stockholm – based Andersson/Sandström Galleri will host a show with the latest works by the internationally acclaimed artist Alyson Shotz. Finally, Richard Saltoun Gallery from London is organizing an exhibition of a bit provocative works by surrealist artist Pierre Moliner.



Opening: August 18

Galleri Benoni

Copenhagen, Denmark

...Sobekcis duo consist of twin brothers Ivan and Nikola Gajic whose work relies heavily on cooperation and balance. They have been decorating the walls of European cities for years before making the transition to fine art imagery. The brothers have adopted team mentality in pursuing the common goal while simultaneously developing their own unique styles. Their work balances between figurative and abstract as animals and detached eyeballs based at the forefront of their imagery confront fragmented lettering that emerges from the background. Sobekcis team tries to create balance in every aspect of their work – balance between fine art and street art, balance between their individual styles, balance between colors and compositions etc...



Opening: August 18

Kallenbach Gallery

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

...The abstract figures in the work of SIT are contrasted to their realistic forms and presence which are exposed in the tension between the juxtaposed techniques. In this solo exhibition, the artist demonstrates a world where people and nature exist in a state of confusion and the constant, never-ending search of new ways to relate to each other and connect. The true identity of animals and characters are being brought to surface in a violent manner, to a point of indefinability. The audience often fails to see both the light and dark side of SIT’s works, or they simply choose to interpret his art in one way, or the other. But the artist himself said that there is always a dark side to his creations...

Alyson Shotz

Light & Shadow

Opening: August 20

Andersson/Sandström Galleri

Stockholm, Sweden

...A common thread in all of Alyson Shotz’s work is a curiosity for the basic forces of nature. She investigates issues of perception and space through sculptures made from a range of materials, such as mirrors, glass beads, plastic lenses, thread, clay, bronze and steel wire....

Pierre Molinier

The Temptations of Pierre Molinier

Opening: August 20

Richard Saltoun Gallery

London, United Kigdom

...This exhibition presents a selection of more than 50 of his groundbreaking photographs, drawings and paintings, dating from 1952 onwards. It was at this time that Molinier moved towards a more 'magical' style of art, a style that sought to bring to the surface unconscious desires and erotic drives and subsequently captured the attention of André Bréton, the founder of Surrealism....
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Images in slider: SIT - Vouz Douz Nr.8, 2015 (Courtesy of Kallenbach Gallery); Sobekcis - Opinion, 2015, detail (courtesy of Galleri Benoni); Pierre Molinier - Le modele (Jean),  1970, detail (courtesy of Richrad Saltoun Gallery); Alyson Shotz - Light & Shadow exhibition (courtesy of AnderssonSandström Galleri)

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