In Focus Next Week: August 24 – 30

August 23, 2015

In their art and culture sections, all magazines and newspapers have been writing about the opening of Dismaland – the biggest Banksy’s project to date. When it comes to street art (and contemporary art in general), spectacular theme park arranged by famous British artist is something that had marked this week. Quite exciting end of August! As we are waiting to see how Banksy’s Dismaland will be received, we are also approaching the end of the summer vacations. Galleries, artists, art dealers – everybody is preparing for a busy September. The last week of August will also be quite interesting, so be sure to take a look what shouldn’t be missed in the next couple of days.

During next week, you can enjoy in four amazing exhibitions, and in one art fair. Die Kunstagentin Gallery from Cologne is organizing a group show entitled Vivid Bunch Vol# 2, with the latest works by Know Hope, Hense and Will Barras. Amazing Swiss artist Onur Dinc will present his works at SOON Gallery in Zürich, while Galerie Voss from Dusseldorf is preparing for a solo show of Kate Waters’ series of painted photography. Marseille is hosting an international fair of contemporary art – ART-O-RAMA, with 20 galleries participating and rich supporting program. Finally, Eli and Edythe Broad Museum at Michigan State University is hosting a collective show entitled Past Forward.

Know Hope, Hense, Will Barras

Vivid Bunch Vol#2

Opening: August 21

Die Kunstagentin

Cologne, Germany

...The Tel Aviv-based American artist Addam Yekutieli, better known as Know Hope. is famous for making art that lives up to his name. Often poetic and with a beautiful narrative, these indoor and outdoor artworks explore their creator’s self in juxtaposition with his surroundings, using his trademark black and white character who is wearing a heart on his sleeve. For the Vivid Bunch Vol.2exhibition, he will create public pieces, along with corresponding artworks shown at the gallery. Alex Brewer, aka Hense, is a painter on a large-scale, whose giant murals consist of many colors and organic forms. Influenced by graffiti, Hense is equally good at creating smaller artworks, always sticking to his abstract way of creation. The American artist also works in the field of assemblage, where pieces of different materials become individual yet vital parts of his compositions. Coming from the UK is the British street art pioneer Will Barras, whose fluid figurative paintings and murals of topics like the female figure of fast cars tell intriguing stories of the modern urban environment through distinctive colorful dynamics....

Onur Dinc

Search & Destroy

Opening: August 27

SOON Gallery

Zürich, Switzerland

...The artist considers himself and his generation as seekers, and tries to bring this aspect of our life into focus with Search & Destroyexhibition. His technical prowess allows him to experiment with a variety of materials in order to further explore the creative drive within. Dinc’s collage technique involves him beginning with an extensive search for appropriate motifs, which through artistic destruction get transformed into something completely new, portraying a new meaning. Audiences can expect surrealistic portraits, sculptures and detailed collages among other artworks....

Kate Waters

Tell It Like

Opening: August 28

Galerie Voss

Dusseldorf, Germany

...The imagery of Kate Waters revolves around those familiar objects and situations people find themselves regularly in their everyday lives. Through the representation of those ordinary environments and objects, Kate Waters brings out the social and political context that surrounds every little detail of our daily activities, which we are unaware of or tend to forget. Tell It Like It Is exhibition accentuates social issues of tolerance, equality, economic gaps in the age of global capitalism and life of the Internet Generation. Contexts in which these paintings are made is a focus point in interpretation of the artworks on display and Kate Waters oeuvre in whole. Kate Waters’ work explores the questions of postmodern society through the aesthetic that resembles the one of impressionists from the past century. By painting over the photography sketch, she is adding a unique layer on the surface of the artwork highlighting or blurring the details depending on the message she is trying to release into the world....


Opening: August 29

Marseille, France

...A series of public discussions, panels and conferences will be organized during ART-O-RAMA. One of the most interesting supporting programs will be the Gallery Night. The Gallery Night is organized by Marseille expos, network that gathers 34 contemporary art galleries and venues based in Marseille. La Friche la Belle de Mai will open an extensive solo show by French artist Gilles Barbier and four group shows, offering more than 6,000sqm of exhibition spaces dedicated to contemporary art. Along with the Frac Provence-Alpes- Côte d’Azur, [MAC], MuCEM, Box (fonds M-ARCO), many Marseille-based galleries will participate in the second edition of Gallery Night, aligning their exhibition openings with ART-O-RAMA. Finally, Roger Pailhas Prize will be awarded to the most innovative and adventurous booth and it is awarded by art collectors....

Past Forward

Opening: August 29

Eli and Edythe Broad Museum

East Lansing, United States

...An array of Emirati artists will be presented during the Past Forward exhibition through fifty works of art made in various techniques. The artworks showcased will include contemporary Emirati achievements in painting, sculpture, photography, video installation and mixed-media work. This comprehensive display of artworks will cover Emirati art production through the extensive period of more than forty years, from the pioneering works in the field of contemporary art to the artistry of those emerging young talents. The artists gathered for this exhibition explore the essence of Emirati life through various scenes of natural, urban and social environment. Emirati culture caught in a transitional phase between its rich heritage and the prospect of bright future is filtered through the artistic vision of more than twenty men and women participating in the Past Forward cultural project....

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Images in slider: Kate Waters - The Show Down, 2015 (courtesy of Galerie Voss); Know Hope (courtesy of Die Kunstagentin); Lateefa bint Maktoum - Observers of Change I , 2011 (courtesy of Eli And Edythe Broad Museum); Onur Dinc - Work in progress (courtesy of SOON Gallery); Veronique Bourgoin - Vue d’exposition Salon Cosmos (courtesy of Art-o-Rama)

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