In Focus Next Week: August 31 – September 6

August 30, 2015

Summer vacations are over! OK, there are some lucky people still enjoying on the beach, countryside, or just relaxing. But, in the world of contemporary art, holidays are over. The whole art machinery is slowly preparing for a busy and interesting September. We are expecting a lot of amazing art events. The season of art fairs is slowly approaching, auction houses are preparing for a busy period, while we will witness a lot of great exhibitions and shows. The first week of September is full of great shows, and we have selected five of them, which you should not miss.

Between August 31 and September 6, five amazing exhibitions are opening. Two of them take place in the US, while other three in Europe. Molly Krom Gallery from New York City is organizing an exhibition of Suzanne Goldenberg, entitled Work, while on the other side of the United States, Fabien Castanier Gallery prepares a solo show of amazing Mark Jenkins. Three great exhibitions in Europe will attract all true urban art lovers. 30works Gallery from Cologne is hosting a group urban art exhibition entitled Goodbye Summer, Hello CityLeaks!, and Open Walls in Berlin is preparing for an exhibition of Berlin-based street artist Alaniz. Finally, art is just a four letter word Gallery from Soest organizes an exhibition of the latest works by Frau Isa.

Prepare yourself for a busy September, and enjoy in some amazing art!

Suzanne Goldenberg


Opening: September 1

Gallery Molly Krom

New York, United States

...Suzanne Goldenberg’s artworks are stripped down to their most basic forms, then recollected, repositioned and rejoined to be reinterpreted once more as a meaningful subject full of different narratives. The compositions in Work are haunting and skeletal, they are stripped down to their rudimentary forms and placed so they exude their object’s history. The narrative is only hinted at with several themes emerging like factory and domestic labor, refusal of work, blend of aesthetics and utility, the confusion of the roles of artist, worker, rag-picker… Yet, the spectators are left to their own vision and interpretation of the artwork, with no pre-conceived notions firmly attached to the compositions...


La Calle es un Espejo

Opening: September 3

Open Walls Gallery

Berlin, Germany

...For his first solo show in Germany’s capital, the latest addition to the steadily increasing artist roster of Berlin’s OPEN WALLS Gallery, is trading big murals and his trademark style of roller bombing in for rather intimate portraits on canvas captured with oil paint. Titled “La calle es un espejo“ (“The street is a mirror“, a bow to a song of the same name by a deceased friend of Alaniz), the exhibition is an elaborate visual tableau that confidently puts the focus on the invisible people - protagonists and their stories that live outside the margins of what we’d call a normal life....

Goodbye Summer, Hello CityLeaks!

Opening: September 4


Cologne, Germany

...For the urban art exhibition at 30works, Berlin-based Alias will present his trademark stencil characters who criticise certain aspects of society through changing moods and gloomy appearance. Thomas Baumgartel, known for his iconic works throughout Cologne, will also be there, with his playful paintings of Peanuts and other familiar faces of today. Belgian wonderboy Dzia is bringing his famous golden line-filled animals, while French artist Mister P’s classic poster art will once again depict his country’s political and general atmosphere. UK artist Craig Everett, aka Rourke van Dal, plays with the cliches of Brit-pop with his clever spray paintings, while Polish Irek Jasutowicz, aka Tankpetrol, likes to depict his time in the military. The urban art exhibition will also feature the FaceTime series by famous German duo Various & Gould, and another local artist representing Germany is xxxhibition, with his comic icons and superheroes. Finally, exhibiting for the first time at 30works there’s XooooX with his female figures...

Frau Isa

Velvet Hands

Opening: September 4

art is just a four letter word

Soest, Germany

...Whether she is working on her public pieces of at home, Frau Isa’s creative world is inhabited by colorful and elegant female characters. Often reminiscent of children book illustrations her subtle and fragile figures of women are situated in a peaceful ambiance, filled with nostalgia and imaginary past. Dressed in vintage garments, the cartoonish characters of Frau Isa are a true celebration of female sensuality and delicacy. The Velvet Hands thus function as a light motif of the exhibition and Isa’s work in whole symbolizing gentle and soft approach to painting practice as well as the amiable characteristics of portrayed subjects...

Mark Jenkins

Still Life

Opening: September 5

Fabien Castanier Gallery

Culver City, United States

...Visitors of the Mark Jenkins exhibition at Fabien Castanier will be able to see all-new body of work created in LA. Apart from site-specific installations and anthropomorphic stringed instruments, the collection also features an evocative series of incorporated taxidermy, and a human birdhouse. Jenkins constructs his people, animals, children – entities commonly filled with life – into inanimate objects, frozen in bizarre postures and scenarios...

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Images in slider: Tankpetrol ( courtesy of 30works); Suzanne Goldenberg - Artwork, detail (courtesy of Gallery Molly Krom); Mark Jenkins - Birds, detail (courtesy of Fabien Castanier Gallery); Frau Isa - Virtue. detail ( courtesy of Art Is Just a Four Letter Word Gallery)

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Mark Jenkins

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Fabien Castanier Gallery - Culver City

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Art Is Just A Four Letter Word

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