In Focus Next Week: Feb 23 - Mar 1

February 22, 2015

The month of love is coming to an end announcing a lively upcoming period in the world of art. Although all of the eyes are directed toward the early March art fair season, we do have a major event in the Spanish capital in the upcoming week. ARCO Madrid is planned out wonderfully, promising to take one of the most prominent places on the European art market scene. Next, museum exhibitions are something we can never get enough of - either because they give the ultimate legitimacy to what is on display, or because of their amazing curatorial solutions. New Museum Triennial in New York is gathering the most promising young artists from around the world, while the freshly opened Kehinde Wiley exhibition at Brooklyn Museum is bringing the celebrated artist’s New Republic series to the New York light. Young and [still] anonymous artists are taking the spotlight at David Zwirner as well, in the upcoming exhibition System and Vision. Finally, a gallery celebrating the 10th year anniversary, Jonathan LeVine, is currently showing phenomenal sculptures by Haroshi, made of stacked and rendered skate decks - a definite must-see!

ARCO Madrid

Opening: February 25

Madrid, Spain

...The ARCO Art Fair Madrid 2015 Program is divided into three main parts: the General Program, Opening Section and the Solo Project Section. The organizers are highlighting the special connection that will be promoted between art markets of Europe and Latin America. With Colombia being a guest country of honor at the fair, special exhibitions will be organized for this occasion, such as the Adrián Gaitán exhibition at the Lope de Vega House Museum. The special section of galleries celebrating Colombian art, and selected by Juan A. Gaitán will be represented not only at ARCO Madrid’s main venue, but throughout Madrid as well. The Opening Section of the Program is dedicated to new galleries. This section is curated by Chris Sharp, and it will introduce new galleries to the ARCO Madrid audience. Therefore, for the first time before the Madrid audiences, many well-known galleries will be represented, such as: Sultanafrom Paris, with Pia Camil; Ani Molnár Gallery from Budapest, with Veronica Jakatics-Szabo and Györg Szász; Josh Lilley from London, with Vicky Wright and Belén Rodríguez; Antoine Levi from Paris, with Ola Vasiljeva, Kubikgallery from Porto, with Dalila Gonçalves; waterside contemporary from London, with Oreet Ashery, Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafson; LETO from Warsaw, with Angelika Markul and Aleksandra Waliszevska; Gaudel de Stampa from Paris, with Jonathan Binet and Jessica Warboys; Michael Jon Gallery from Miami, with Yann Gerstberger...

New Museum Triennial

Opening: February 25

New Museum

Bowery, New York, USA

...The New Museum in New York once again proves its status as one of the few museums in the world completely devoted to contemporary art and its development. This time, the museum presents the Triennial 2015, an unique international exhibition of young artists from all over the world that are in early stage of their careers. New Museum’s Triennial tradition began in 2009, and it has focused on tracing tendencies within the field of contemporary art. The Triennial is exploring the future, new forms, mediums and subjects in contemporary art. By gathering dozens of prosperous internationally acclaimed artists and art collectives, a forum for deliberation and discussion will be formed, where some basic questions will be posed, dealing with the position of art in a radically changing world. The Triennial 2015 is curated by Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin – charismatic duo comprised of an experienced and recognized curator who has been an executive director of Rhizome (Cornell), and contemporary artists and filmmaker who has been recognized as one of top US artists in recent years (Trecartin). The curatorial team developed a concept for this year’s Triennial edition, entitling it Surround Audience...

System and Vision Group Exhibition

Opening: February 28

David Zwirner Gallery

New York, USA

...One anonymous and twelve named artists will demonstrate a variety of techniques and visions. The erotic drawings of William Crawford and Miroslav Tichý paid homage to men and women respectively, playing with form and getting to know this taboo in not-so-friendly environments. Morton Bartlett and Francesco Ponte used photography as a form of expression. Ponte liked to test the medium’s limits, documenting paranormal phenomena, while Bartlett photographed hand-made dolls, but wasn’t as famous as his peer, Hans Bellmer. Horst Ademeit used Polaroids to document the impact of radiation on his environment and also wrote down his notes on them. Also fascinated with science was Harald Bender, who used drawing to illustrate scientific formulas and geometric shapes. Chris Hipkiss, a collective name for British artists Chris and Alpha Mason, immortalized giant industrial or technological structures in large-scale panoramic landscapes, while Prophet Royal Robertson’s schizophrenia contributed to his works depicting the apocalypse. Other artist included in the show are Margarethe Held, George Widener, Agatha Wojciechowsky and an unknown artist...


Still Pushing Despite the Odds

Opened: February 19

Jonathan LeVine Gallery

New York, USA

...Haroshi creates three-dimensional wooden sculptures with recycled skateboards as his primary medium. To do so he first assembles a great number of old and used skateboards, dismantles them and glues the decks together. He stacks the decks of different colors one on top of the other in order to make a compact cube out of them. And then he starts to carve diferent shapes using chisels and Japanese carving instruments to meticulously hand-sculpt each form, using imagery from skateboard culture as inspiration...

Kehinde Wiley

New Republic

Opened: February 20

Brooklyn Museum

New York, USA

...Kehinde Wiley’s Brooklyn Museum exhibition is some kind of retrospective of the core of this artist’s work. Although Wiley’s main medium is painting, he also creates sculptures, yet with same motifs, approaches and styles as it is the case with the paintings. In the last few years, Wiley has expended his work, by taking the “street casting” to other countries as well, widening the scope of his collaborations. In his paintings, the subjects wear sneakers, baseball caps, hip-hop culture props and they are set against contrastingornate decorative backgrounds, usually associated with earlier eras and different cultures. Sometimes you will see an African American man or woman replacing the European aristocrat from specific paintings by Old Masters...

Featured images: From ARCO - Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson, Your Country Doesn’t Exist - Do It Yourself (UK), 2013;
Kiluanji Kia Henda, Rusty Mirage (The City Skyline) -detail, 2013 (Image for Illustrative Purposes, courtesy the artist and Galería Filomena Soares, Portugal);
Morton Bartlett - Untitled, ca.1950 from System and Vision;
Haroshi, 2015, courtesy of Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York;
Kehinde Wiley - Shantavia Beale II, 2012. Oil on canvas. Collection of Ana and Lenny Gravier. © Kehinde Wiley (Photo: Jason Wyche, courtesy of Sean Kelly, New York).

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