In Focus Next Week: February 16 - 22

February 15, 2015

What can we expect from the post-Valentine’s week in the art world? Well, the art market seems to be keeping it silent, having had several turbulent auctions in the past week, and with the March season still some weeks away. However, it’s unfair to say nothing interesting is going on - on the contrary! Urban art world is thrilled with several exhibition openings, Kaleidoscope is to feature Spanish street art, How and Nosm are showing their new pieces at the very new Jacob Lewis Gallery in New York, and Californian place for hottest urban-contemporary creativity, SOZE Gallery, is finally opening the much announced solo exhibition by Erin M. Riley. Savannah College of Art and Design is welcoming Xu Bing, one of the Meg Maggio’s favorite 10, as a part of their big deFine Art project. And, finally, Jonathan LeVine Gallery is celebrating their 10 year anniversary with what promises to be a wonderful show of limited editions and prints.
Again, floating around the planet in search for art, we find new expressions and amazing bursts of color, so much needed in this gray of winter!

Xu Bing at deFine Art

Things Are Not What They First Appear

Opening: February 17


Savannah, Georgia, USA

...The central exhibition of this contemporary art showcase is the show of works by this year’s honoree, the famous Chinese artist Xu Bing. Probably the best known artist from China at this moment, Bing is famous for his big installation pieces and printmaking skills. For the purposes of this exhibition, the major works from the series Background Stories will be shown. The works from this series highlight the artist’s reinterpretation of significant historical images from Chinese tradition and history, specifically the festival tradition of mounting climbing. As in many of his works, Xu Bing uses unusual material (plastic bags, refuse and other found materials). The works from theTobacco Project series will be showed as well. The works from this series are product of the artist’s interest in tobacco business and cultural implications of the use of tobacco. Tobacco is both the subject and the medium. Finally, Xu Bing will present its animated filmThe Character of Characters, a complex video work that illustrates the history of Chinese characters, but it also engages with ongoing Chinese social issues...

How and Nosm

A Different Language

Opening: February 20

Jacob Lewis Gallery

New York, USA

...The A Different Language exhibition by How and Nosm at Jacob Lewis Gallery will present a series of recent works by the brothers that display their intuitive creative process and their now trademark limited colour palette combined with complicated and almost hypnotic compositions that are alive with geometrical patterns, vast amounts of detail and fascinating characters. As can be seen in the featured photographs, How and Nosm work together on the paintings, allowing the images to flow together and working in sync that can only come from the close family bond only found with identical twins. As youngsters they were immersed in skateboarding and graffiti culture, tagging trains together which has gone on to inform their studio based works with paintings appearing in A Different Language such asOne Way Or The Other and Calm Prevailed being created with Cel-Vinyl paint, India ink and spray paint, revealing free flowing graffiti inspired lines against detailed almost cubist forms occupying the foreground. The works reveal complex narratives within the surreal landscapes they create often charged with rich symbolism and cultural references...


Opening: February 20

MYA Gallery

London, UK

...The group exhibition Kaleidoscope at MYA Gallery will bring to London a showcase of some of the best street artists that have emerged from Spain in recent years that have continued their countries passionate cultural and artistic heritage that includes masters such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró and Franciso Goya. The Kaleidoscope group show being present by MYA aims to highlight the highly original urban artists that have developed their unique styles on the streets of Spain and work in a variety of mediums and styles from large murals to small intricate pieces via paintings and stencil work. Alongside the exhibition of works at MYA Gallery, the group show will also involve some mural painting directly onto the gallery walls by Txemy and Murone, a collection of photographs showing the works of the twelve street artists in their original locations such as on city streets and abandoned buildings while there will also be a panel discussion about the works on view, the artists exhibiting and the history of urban street art...

Erin M. Riley

Something Precious

Opening: February 21

SOZE Gallery

Los Angeles, USA

...Riley produces large, detailed, and colorful weavings completed on a loom. She’s been doing it for the past ten years, even though she started off as a painter. Making of these tapestries takes time, and for the artist, that time should be used to dwell on the events they represent, to analyze every detail and to learn from eventual mistakes. Her hand woven reflections of everyday situations, in both virtual and real world, come from different stages of her life, as well as research and knowledge she got about other people. She insists she is not endorsing any kind of abuse or behaviors and that she is simply depicting what she encounters. Her works are the proof that the market is evolving for textiles and that buyers and collectors are taking more interest in care and maintenance these kind of pieces require...

The Color and The Fury

10 Years od Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Jonathan LeVine Gallery

New York, USA

...Since 2005, Jonathan LeVine Gallery has been an essential venue for Street Art, ephemeral work placed in public urban environments, and Pop Surrealism, work influenced by illustration, comic book art and pop culture imagery. The ten artists in The Color and the Fury have been influential in shaping the evolution of those genres, as well as the gallery’s programming. After ten years, 186 exhibitions and over 300 exhibiting artists, the gallery remains true to its mission of showing an alternative viewpoint within the New York art market...

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