In Focus Next Week: January 19 - 25

January 18, 2015

After everybody in the art world got a good rest after the holidays and an even better start last week, it’s obvious the art scene of 2015 is speeding up! The upcoming week is filled with exhibitions in both urban and contemporary end, but it’s bringning two major art market events, following the LA Art Show. One based in the central city of Europe, and another in the focal metropolis of Southeast Asia, third week of January reminds that fences, divisions and limits in the art market are all imaginary, and that the field is very much global.
In addition to the two great art fairs, Subliminal Projects is starting off with a phenomenal group exhibition, and Steven Kasher Gallery is provoking and inspiring with a good dose of feminist art. Our artist of last week RERO is also having an opening at Fabien Castanier gallery, but we encourage everyone to keep an eye on Widewalls for more exciting shows. The breakdown follows:

London Art Fair

Opening: January 21

London, UK

...January for the UK art enthusiasts means only one thing – it’s time for London Art Fair. Happening for the 27th time this year, London Art Fair in considered to be UK’s premier Fair for Modern British and contemporary art. The Fair provides a unique overview of the art world, with 128 exhibitors ranging from established UK-based Modern British and contemporary galleries to innovative emerging spaces in Art Projects, as well as international gallery presentations from Milan, Paris, Toronto and New York. Simultaneously, the Fair will provide numerous exciting programs like additional exhibitions, talks, tours, films and performances, giving the artists support and at the same time, providing a supportive environment for collectors...

Art Stage Singapore

Opening: January 22

Singapore, Southeast Asia

...Not only the largest continent, Asia has always been the fertile ground for both culture and business, while art business is particularly flourishing. In the spirit of New Year and the new art fair season, Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore is opening its fifth edition of Art Stage Singapore, an art fair dedicated to Asian and Global art, ranging from modern to contemporary. Success of Art Stage Singapore art fair is confirmed by the number of participants and the rich variety of satellite programs, while Southeast Asia remains the focus of the event. Highlights of the art fair in 2015 are Southeast Asia Platform for regional contemporary art, Video Stage, and Special Exhibitions featuring Russia, Malaysia, Korea and Modern Art...

Pheromone Hotbox

Opening: January 22

Steven Kasher Gallery

New York, USA

...Each artist deals with the idea in her own style. The “founder” of the idea, Amanda Charchian, draws inspiration from the subconscious and things she doesn’t understand, mixing it all with the poetic language of her Iranian heritage. She sets her images in vast spaces, where everything is possible and based on freedom. Anita Bartos delivers romantic, dark, sensual images of herself and fellow Eastern European girlfriends. Her subjects recreate rites and evoke sexuality in haunted places. Shae DeTar mixes photography with painting, sometimes using exquisite costumes and surreal locations while exaggerating color. Playful images of Olivia Locher deal with conventional, contemporary topics in the manner of pop art and a sarcastic approach. Marianna Rothen creates stories based on the movies of Brigitte Bardot and Faye Dunaway. Her work can be described as nostalgic dystopia that depicts the core of feminism – women trying to break free from imposed rules...


Opening: January 24

Gated Community

Fabien Castanier Gallery

Culver City, California

...Minimalism that Rero employs is pushed to the outer limits of expression, where the artists persistently seeks new models of presentation, often found in different, new media he uses. His urban approach has been enriched by textural studio works, in which traditional painting techniques merge with relief, collage or even sculptural treatment of canvas. By constructing in the most expected of materials, Rero deconstructs our wishes and notions brought in the negated text behind. His pieces thus gain another level of meaning, placing them in a wider socio-cultural plane...

Agents Provocateurs

Opening: January 24

Subliminal Projects

Los Angeles, USA

...Curated by author Seb Carayol and Erica Overskei, Agents Provocateurs will provide a thoughtful exhibition of the boundary pushing genre of skateboard art and graphics, its place in history and its place, very much alive, in the present. Skateboarding has long been rooted in counterculture and came to embody a rebellious mentality through the art of skateboarding itself but also through the artworks that emerged from the scene and eventually influenced many of the established street artists who are out there still creating (You can see a Shepard Fairey deck produced with skater Jim Muir) and through the music that provided the soundtrack to the rebellion. In America bands like Suicidal Tendencies and Black Flag (check out the Shepard Fairey portrait of Henry Rollins and read aboutRaymond Pettibon who designed the iconic four bars logo for Black Flag)were a big influence on the skater scene while bands like The Stupids (UK) and The Hard-Ons from Australia flew the flag on other continents. The anti-establishment behaviour of the skate scene gave rise to artwork that raised serious issues, challenged authority and was designed to draw reaction from those that saw the images and slogans...
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