In Focus Next Week: July 13-18

July 12, 2015

During the summer season, we are usually focused on summer street art festivals, or similar art events taking place in some nice and sunny coastal cities (if we suppose you are living in the Northern Hemisphere). And, indeed, during summer, there are countless art events taking place on the seaside. However, some great exhibitions are about to open this week, and most of them have nothing to do with summer season. Art lovers will have an opportunity to enjoy some amazing art indoors, from Berlin to New York City.
Amazing Kate MccGwire participates in the group exhibition at Gallery 8, together with Juliette Losq and Jayne Anita Smith. Widewalls recently have had an honor to speak with Kate, so be sure to regularly check our Podcast section. Kate MccGwire, a great English artist, is one of the stars in the contemporary art scene this year, mainly because of her new works and her participation at the Venice Biennale. Some amazing contemporary sculpture will also be on view at White Cube, where Marc Quinn has a show entitled The Toxic Sublime. His wonderful sculptures definitely move the boundaries of contemporary sculpture practices. Those who are interested in diversity of artistic media will enjoy in a group exhibition at Joshua Liner, entitled Summer Mixer Exhibition. Axel Void’s show at BC Gallery – Sehnsucht will attract art lovers who are more interested in conceptualism, while Krause gallery celebrates summer with amazing artist participating in Emerging to Established summer group exhibition.
Enjoy summer and some great art!

Katte MccGwire, Jayne Anita Smith and Juliette Losq


Opening: July 14

Gallery 8 

London, United Kingdom

...Feathers are a recurring material in works of Kate MccGwire. She uses it to draw the line between something that is beautiful, but can be transformed into something ugly too. Her way of making refers to taxidermy, the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals for display. The feather-covered glass sculptures are recreating our relation to those creatures, disturbing and fascinating at the same time. In the work of Juliette Losq it is sometimes unclear whether some painting represents beautiful dreamlike places or sinister spaces filled with nightmarish atmosphere. This not-so-typical scenery often depicts ponds or rivers, combined with traces of decay. Whether it’s installations, works of ink or watercolor, her art almost always deals with mysterious spots, vivid and haunting, still marked by the presence of people....

Marc Quinn

The Toxic Sublime

Opening: July 15

White Cube

London, United Kingdom

...Accompanying the paintings will be a series of stainless steel and white concrete sculptures under the name of Frozen Waves. These minimalist, large-scale pieces evoke the forms of shells, either eroded by the waves or broken into by people for the flesh within them. Citing the infinite process in which time changes the face of nature and its elements, but also the human selfishness, Marc Quinn’s works become the immortal evidence of these events, documenting the transition from movement to solid form that will keep on happening long after the human race lives and dies. Using the latest three-dimensional technology, the artist makes simple yet complex shapes, breathtakingly beautiful in all its decay...

Summer Mixer Exhibition

Opening: July 16

Joshua Liner Gallery

New York, USA

...Aside from the paintings, mixed-media artworks, collage, sculptural and installation work will also be included in this year’s Summer Mixer at Joshua Liner Gallery. Libby Black, Berkley-based artist is presenting recent sculptures and paintings that explore the notion of one’s identity through the use of ordinary personal possessions and commercial product like bumper stickers. Daniel Joseph will showcase his new installation inspired by some notable works of Marcel Duchamp. He is presenting us with a real life love story, represented through the box of love notes written over one year, and exploring how profane love is perceived when displaced in an artificial setting of exhibition space. Sculptures of Mario Martinez influenced by the artist’s interest in physical science will also be on view, as well as some exciting and vibrant collage works of Kristen Schiele inspired by her life experiences between US and Germany...

Axel Void


Opening: July 16

BC Gallery

Berlin, Germany

...Sehnsucht is the name of the series of paintings and videos based on mundanity. It’s also the name of the artist’s exhibition at BC Gallery. The artist examines the notion of nostalgia (Sehnsucht is a German word for nostalgia). This art series talks about the pursuit of purpose in our everyday life. After the World War II, a current called Absurdism emerged based on the absence of an inherent meaning. During the war, that meaning seemed obvious, but after the war a feeling of numbness arrived, where there seemed to be no clear direction. The Sehnsucht gives emphasis to that confusion and state of wellbeing within our basic necessities, and longing for something else...

Emerging To Established, Year 3

Opening: July 18

Krause Gallery 

New York, USA

...Sean Newport is known for his wall-mounted works that cleverly test our usual notion of reality. At Krause gallery summer show the artist will be presenting one of his trademark wooden artworks that reside between a painting and a sculpture. Sean Newport cleverly crafted sculptures create the illusion of two-dimensional image and its true nature is only revealed to those who take the time to examine them thoroughly. Mike Michael Murphy is a New York based sculptor known for portraying contemporary rebels and celebrities. At Emerging to Established, Year 3 group show at Krause gallery he will display one of his Deric sculptures made of poplar. The portrait of the Anonymous’ hacker is a part of the series of artworks created with unusual material, such as the cardboard sculpture of Barack Obama and bulletproof glass portrait of Steve Jobs...
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Images in Slider: Noah Scalin-M1911 Gun Country, detail (courtesy of Krause Gallery); Michael Swaney – Infinite Browser Painting #2, 2013 (courtesy of Joshua Liner); Marc Quinn – Frozen Wave (courtesy White Cube); Kate MccGwire- HASP, 2015, detail (courtesy of Gallery 8, London); Axel Void – Gray 2, detail (courtesy of

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