In Focus Next Week: July 6 - 12

July 5, 2015

It’s an unwritten rule that the art season slows down when the hot summertime hits. But, this summer appears a bit different, since a lot of fantastic shows have been announced around the world. Over the exciting shows in London and Shanghai, to the LA installation of SWIM Urban team, San Francisco urban an contemporary moments, we cannot really pick out a single prime location to be at, although Californian scene seems to be booming. The crown of the week can easily go to OHWOW gallery in Los Angeles for their Queer Fantasy showcase, coming in concordance with the recent gay marriage rainbowy Supreme court ruling.
Lots of color, fun and brilliant art - anywhere you look!

Jennifer Kent


Opening: July 9

Dolby Chadwick Gallery

San Francisco, USA

... Kent draws on a wide range of inspiration for her works, which creatively merge aspects of Minimalism, Conceptualism, and Expressionism. The myriad small markings she makes in black ink on white clayboard coalesce into forms reminiscent of organic and biological phenomena—such as the fractal geometry of leaves, rivers, and snowflakes; the exponential symmetry of splitting cells; the perfect synchronicity of a flock of starlings. But they also move well beyond these references...


Solo Exhibition

Opening: July 10

Magda Danysz Gallery

Shanghai, China

...JonOne is a famous American graffiti artist who have turned himself into an abstract painter. His style is vibrant and eloquent, inspired by colors, movement and lines that often mirror Chinese calligraphy. His compositions combine freestyle and hand-painted aesthetics and his colorful images are often compared with those created by the masters of abstract expressionism, such as Jackson Pollock or Willem de Kooning. Movement is the most important motif in JonOne’s works and his canvases represent the illustrations of never-ending motion of both colors and objects. His color palette is affluent and lively and different forms and surfaces are entangled with each other. His strokes occupy the complete surface given to them and appear to be dripping of the canvases they’ve previously flooded...

Queer Fantasy

Opening: July 11

OhWow Gallery

Los Angeles, USA

...The discourse surrounding Queer Art seems to center on generalities that assume a univocal motive exists, and that all queer artists intend to participate in forwarding this speculative agenda. Rather than exploring the idiosyncratic aesthetic of Queerness, the dominant ideological narrative suggests that this genre is solely concerned with behavior stereotypically attributed to a “queer lifestyle”...

SWIM 1: The Urban Art Team

Opening: July 11

New Image Art Gallery

Los Angeles, USA

...SWIM 1 isn’t just an art show; it’s a gathering of creative talents, a network of furthering ideas, and a synergy of expression. These strong and creative minds are building a community to enrich, develop, and share the ideas of progress. Exactly 42 artists participate in SWIM 1, and they are: Retna, Barry Mcgee, Justin Hager, Teen Witch, Yarrow Slaps, Michelle Guintu, Luke Pelletier, Rye Purvis, Pat Falco, eSteady, Anna Jensen, Alfred Vidaurri, Alex Bradley Cohen, Dustin Fosnot, Kristen Liu-Wong, Cate White, Pacolli, Fersher, Alicia McCarthy, Jenny Sharaf, Mars 1, Kool Kid Kreyola, Ira Watkins, FRKO, Gangster Doodles, MYMO, Monica Kimgarza, Chris Johanson, Mario Ayala, Terry Hoff, Alan Gonzalez, Nathan McKee, Tracey Snelling, Steve Powers, Sean Tully, Meagan Boyd, Julian Prince Dash, Rabbit Garcia, Rich Fonseca, Paulo Diaz, Mark Schmidt and Daniel Green. An impressive list of artists, isn’t it?..

Shapeshifters and Sharpshooters

Opening: July 11

886Geary Gallery

San Francisco, USA

...this exhibition will feature recent works of 15 artists. Array will consist of pieces created by Poesia, the owner and the main curator of 886 Geary Gallery, followed by Chris Mendoza, Jerry Inscoe, Christopher Derek Bruno, Drew Tyndell, Matthew Chavarria, Sean Newport, St Monci and Will Sears from the United States. Joining them are Berlin-based artists Clemens Behr and Michael Bennett. The roster will also include Eltono from France, Australian artist Liam Snootle, Richard Caldicott from London and Nawer from Cracow, Poland. This is not the first time that these artists are being gathered under the same roof. Many of them had the opportunity to meet last year in a collective exhibition Space//Squared, which was also curated by Sven Davis and explored a related subject of space and shape...

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Slider images: Luke Pelletier for SWIM1; Jennifer Kent - Hyperspace detail - 2014, Courtesy Dolby Chadwick Gallery; JonOne - Walking Thru (detail), 2015, Courtesy Magda Danysz Gallery Shanghai; Will Sears - Insidescoop, 2015, Courtesy 886Geary; Jack Smith, Untitled, c.1958-1962/2011. Analog C-print hand printed from original color negative on Fuji Crystal Archive paper, Courtesy of Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels © Jack Smith Archive

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