In Focus Next Week: March 16 - 22

March 15, 2015

Middle of March continues with several strong art market happenings, but is also very interesting when it comes to urban and contemporary art. The spread of the events we choose is rather global this week. A much-announced art fair Art Dubai is to open in the coming days bringing an exciting selection of the hottest and the best contemporary stars from all over the world, hoping to reach high sales. On the other side of the planet, Art Fair Tokyo is having its 2015 edition, catering to prominent collectors and art lovers.
We are happy to have finally the time has come for two solo exhibitions of Seth and LUDO, both urban artists we follow and appreciate. Seth is having his show at the famous Parisian Galerie Itinerrance, while LUDO is making a debut on the other side of the world, exhibiting in Shanghai's chapter of Magda Danysz gallery. Finally, we’d like to recommend another show we awaited anxiously - Serialize exhibition at Peres Projects in Berlin, which will bring a selection of intriguing works by a set of famous artists - from Mark Flood to Andy Warhol. It just so happens that the art focus is scattered across five cities around the globe in the coming week!

Art Dubai 2015

Opening: March 18

Dubai, UAE

...Taking place each year in March, Art Dubai presents a select yet diverse line-up of around 90 galleries from the UAE and around the world, across three programmes: Contemporary; Modern, devoted to masters from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia; and Marker, a curated section of artspaces that focuses each year on a particular theme or geography...

Art Fair Tokyo 2015

Opening: March 20

Tokyo, Japan

...ART FAIR TOKYO is the largest gallery show in Japan, featuring high-quality works transcending art periods and genres from both domestic and overseas galleries. It brings a broad range of works from ancient artworks and handicrafts to modern Japanese and Western paintings as well as contemporary art...


Walking on a Dream

Opening: March 20

Galerie Itinerrance

Paris, France

...Seth’s childish characters tend to represent the antidote to the chaotic, yet distinctively imaginative life they inhabit. Their innocence and purity appeals to everyone, taking them back in time and reminding them of true values. Seth often make his subjects look lost in their thoughts, never looking at the viewer, as if they simply intend to exist in their own dreamlike realities, away from globalization and without being disturbed. Floating in the limbo of consciousness, Seth’s art is clear, simple and reflective, influenced by both comics and Latin American art of Muralism, and it is trying to establish a dialogue between art and society. His canvases mix spray paint and acrylic with elements from graffiti art, in a dynamic contrast which embodies painting and street art, presence and absence...


Fly Me to the Moon

Opening: March 21

Magda Danysz Gallery

Shanghai, China

...Known for his robotic vegetables painted in trademark fluorescent tint of green, Ludo stays true to his unique style, which he also brought to China. Fascinated by Shanghai’s energy, different from anything he’d ever experienced before, the artist developed a character in form of a bee wearing a gas mask and appearing in all the paintings. Through these works, Ludo tends to capture the city’s frenetic movement, so he incorporated elements of dust and other fragments from the streets into his art. His half-technological half-natural bee graces two giant canvases, and during this period, Ludo also created eight sculptural works that also follow his particular aesthetic visions...


Opening:March 21

Peres Projects

Berlin, Germany

...Presenting works made in the US from the late 20th century till today are Wallace Berman, Will Boone, Mark Flood, Guillaume Gelot, Dean Sameshima and Andy Warhol, all with a unique view on a few topics in common: sexual identity, social taboos and the world of celebrities. The notion of serialization emphasizes their vision and helps them approach the core of their art from many different angles and through many tries. The show will include Warhol’s celebrated polaroids, as well as collages, paintings and photographs...

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Feature images: Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, Dubai UAE, Art Fair Tokyo 2014, Seth, Ludo, Serialize (Andy Warhol) - all courtesy of respective organizers and galleries.

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