In Focus Next Week: March 23 - 29

March 22, 2015

Ah, spring, the time of love! It only seems appropriate that the city of love, Paris, should be in focus! As it so happens, the upcoming week has two great events scheduled in the city of light, both oriented towards collectors and enthusiasts. The Salon of Drawing is followed by the 2015 edition of Art Paris, two separate, but somehow connected art fairs - perhaps the perfect places to find love-inspired gifts. Or to enrich your collection - to each his own.

Expectedly, street art scene is awakening as well and we have several exhibitions coming up announcing the exciting season. As always, Lazarides gallery has a wonderful exhibition to open the spring season, showcasing the works of Vhils, the Portuguese street art innovator. At the same time, Smash137 will open a show at Die Kunstagentin Gallery in Cologne, with a series of new works on display. Lastly, all of the urban art enthusiasts rejoice with the coming of the Saarbrücken UrbanArt Biennale and its interesting program in this south-western German city.
Spring is definitely freshening up the art world in Europe, inside and out!

Salon du Dessin 2015

Opening: March 25

Paris, France

...The Salon du Dessin is truly a unique event of worldwide recognition. This art fair serves as reference for drawing collectors, and it gathers curators, experts or amateurs from across the globe. Created in 1991, the art fair is a leader in its field. It has capacities to attract the most important collectors and curators from around the world, and abilities to gather together the institutions to celebrate drawings. The Salon du Dessin had an unprecedented position in the art world that allows this fair to pursue its mission, which is to ardently promote the art of drawing. This year, the Salon du Dessin will feature 39 prestigious galleries specializing in Old Masters, Modern and Contemporary drawings, including seven galleries participating for the first time. More than 1000 drawings will be showcased in the prestigious Palais Brongniart. This art event is a must-attend for all true art lovers...

Art Paris 2015

Opening: March 26

Paris, France

...Art Paris Art Fair brings together 145 galleries from some 20 countries at the Grand Palais. Headed by Guillaume Piens since 2012, the fair focusses on discovery and presents a wide panorama of modern and contemporary art. Art Paris Art Fair also shows design, photography and art books. The fair has undergone a profound renewal with some
50 % newcomers and galleries from abroad. Since 2012, a rigorous selection process and a multi-disciplinary, dynamic approach to contemporary creation have resulted in a constant rise in the number of visitors to the fair...



Opening: March 27

Lazarides Rathbone

London, UK

...Vhils exhibition at Lazarides Rathbone, Dissonance, builds on the works and themes that were developed for his internationally acclaimed solo shows in 2014, Dissection at Lisbon’s EDP Museum and Vestiges that was presented in Paris, France. The striking new works presented by Vhils in the Dissonance exhibition at Lazarides are rooted in the notions of dismemberment and dissection, of living in a society with a sense of dissolution that brings about the dilution of our personal identities in contemporary urban societies. Globalised development encroaches on all of us at some point and through the Dissonance exhibition Vhils is examining and exploring the themes that we are becoming increasingly abstract personalities shaped by the chaos of the urban landscape, technology and mass media...



Opening: March 27

Die Kunstagenting Gallery

Cologne, Germany

...Streunergold can also be seen as a Smash137 exhibition, the meeting point of the street and the studio, where the two worlds collide and transform into something new in the shadows. The new studio based works being presented in the Adrian Falkner solo show draws on the twenty plus years of street art experience but here we find an artist who is not content to replicate his street art for the studio. The familiar graffiti writing has all but vanished in the latest paintings, replaced instead by Falkner’s own language of shapes and forms, the wild gestural sweeps and lines hinting at the forms of letters but never fully revealing them. The marks created by Adrian Falkner are always deliberate, but he reveals them as human handwriting and openly points out the imperfections and flaws that exist among the vivid gestures and vibrant colours...

UrbanArt Biennale Saarbrücken

Opening: March 29

Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte

Saarbrücken, Germany

...The Director General of Völklingen Ironworks, Meinrad Maria Grewenig, acknowledges that urban and street art is now a global phenomenon and the UrbanArt Biennale 2015 Street Art Show has expanded its horizons beyond the normal regions of Europe and North America and this third edition of the show will feature a number of artists from Egypt and Arab countries. A host of big names from the world of urban and street art will be exhibiting at UrbanArt Biennale 2015 including Shepard Fairey (USA), Invader (France), Jef Aérosol (France), Cope2 (USA), L’Atlas (France), JonOne (USA/France), Delta (Holland), M.Chat (France), Logan Hicks (USA), Thomas Canto (France), LX.One (France), Okuda (Spain) and artists from Arab regions including Ammar Abo Bakr, Alaa Awad, Zepha and Nazeer...

Images in the slider:
Vincent van Gogh - Backyard with two figures, 1882 - Courtesy of Salon du Dessin
UrbanArt Biennale 2015 - Völklingen ironworks, night view - Courtesy of Voelklinger Huette
Smash137 - Detail Untitled (muschelweiß) - Courtesy of Die Kunstagentin Galerie
Alexandre Farto aka Vhils - Dissonance Exhibition 2015 - Courtesy of Lazarides
Art Paris 2015 - screenshot
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