In Focus Next Week: May 25 - 31

May 24, 2015

After a very turbulent May in the art market, things seem to be calming down in the auction and art fair world, although we are still in for several major events and sales. The final week of the month is styled in the urban manner, as our focus falls on several interesting openings. Firstly, we should mention several ongoing exhibitions opened in the last couple of days, that are definitely drawing our attention. Openspace Gallery in Paris opened a new show by Robert Proch, displaying an emotional abundance of color and life. Across the English Channel, StolenSpace in London is currently showing another chromatic escapade by Joram Roukes, while Atomica Gallery, another space in town, is having stylized pieces by Jack Pearce on display. Viennese Rabbit Eye Movement space, an urban art mecca, is hosting works by LOOK the Weird. Finally, definitely worth the visit for those in Scandinavia at the moment is a metaphysical exhibition by Christoffer Relander at GEO Gallery in Bergen, Norway.

Along with these refreshing displays of the new contemporary art expression, there are several exhibition coming in the next days. A group show at Zimmerling & Jungfleisch gallery in Saarbrücken will gather Graffuturism enthusiasts, while Lazarides is to exhibit hyperrealistic works by Frank Laws. Charming Parisian space Le Cabinet D'Amateur announced a lovely, feminine exhibition by Nadege Dauvergne, juxtaposing traditional and contemporary lifestyle trends. Finally, two galleries announced exhibitions by a classical artist Hsiao Chin, celebrating the eightieth birthday in similar, but different ways. The public will be able to enjoy pieces by the celebrated artist at De Sarthe Gallery in Hong Kong and Robilant + Voena in Milan, Italy. both displaying his visions of universe.

Therefore, our eyes are dancing across the globe once again, in search for the brightest moments in art, as we advise the true art lovers not to miss the chance to enjoy one, or all, of these inspiring shows.


LXOne, Remi Rough, Poesia, Augustine Kofie

Opening: May 28

Zimmerling & Jungfleisch

Saarbrücken, Germany

...Discussing ambiguity in Contemporary art is not new topic occupying minds of art critics, theoreticians and artists. One of the features of Contemporary art is its ambiguous nature and its openness to interpretation. Ambiguity is the name of a group exhibition by four international artists: LX.One, Remi Rough, Poesia and Augustine Kofie at Zimmerling & Jungfleisch Gallery in Saarbrücken. The title of the show describes all of their works collectively, open for the interpretation separately and as a whole. Even though the artworks can be described as Abstract art, influences of Futurism, Op-art and Suprematism is readily visible...

Nadège Dauvergne

Tout doit (va) disparaître!

Opening: May 28

Le Cabinet D'Amateur

Paris, France

...Tout doit (va) disparaître! at Le Cabinet d’Amateur in Paris, sees Nadège Dauvergne continuing to explore our habits and societal attitudes by using the art of past centuries and placing it within an everyday means of communication, advertising. The new solo exhibition will feature these classical figures taken out of their original context and placed in the new surroundings of a found advert. However, it is not the case that Nadège Dauvergne randomly places figures without thought, each new arrangement, whether in the studio or in the street, is carefully planned. The composition and forms found in the adverts must resemble in some way the forms found in the original paintings, therefore allowing the character to fit perfectly into the new picture while creating a new dialogue for them...

Frank Laws


Opening: May 29

Lazarides Rathbone

London, UK

...Housing estates of post-war architecture have become recurrent motifs of Frank Laws art practice. Apparently influenced by the aesthetics of film noir and paintings of Edward Hopper, in almost melancholic manner, the artist depicts consequences of transformation of his local surroundings suggesting high rate of social redevelopment and class misbalance...

Hsiao Chin

Opening: May 29

De Sarthe Gallery

Hong Kong, CN

...The exhibition at de Sarthe Gallery in Hong Kong will showcase 18 works by Hsiao Chin created from the period of 1955 to 2004. Therefore, the visitors will be able to see how artist’s style had changed as Hsiao got involved with different art movements. His paintings from the early 1960s are characterized by limited primary color palette that is generously applied in broad expanses to the canvas. Concurrently, Hsiao’s reconditioning of motifs and calligraphic forms from his home culture is evident and translated as closed forms, composed on a flat pictorial space...

Hsiao Chin

Opening: May 28

Robilant + Voena

Milan, Italy

...Hsiao Chin is probably one of the most important Chinese artists of the twentieth century and beginning of the twenty first. Ever since he embarked on his artistic career back in the 1950s, he has been producing interesting works of high quality. Hsiao Chin travelled extensively gathering vital experiences and encounters with important people of the era(s). He made friendships with the iconic artists of the time and was often influenced by their art. Robilant + Voena present Hsiao Chin’s biggest show since the 2010 in Kaohsiung museum in Taiwan. This exhibition features some thirty works from Hsiao Chin’s different periods...

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Slider images:
Hsiao Chin - The Equilibrium, 1995, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, Courtesy Robilant + Voena Milan; Remi Rough - Opulence, Courtesy Zimmerling & Jungfleisch; Nadège Dauvergne  - Jasmine. 2015. Advert and Posca marker. From Jasmine by JW Godward, Courtesy Le Cabinet D'Amateur; Hsiao Chin - Movement of light (detail), 1963, Courtesy De Sarthe Gallery; Frank Laws, image courtesy of Lazarides Rathbone gallery.

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