Four Art Fairs and Three Exhibitions You Should Visit Next Week

October 18, 2015

Yes, just like the week before (October 12-18), the next week will be interesting for art fans thanks to the art fairs. We are slowly reaching the peak of the fall season, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. And, they are all taking place in Paris – we can safely say that Paris will be the center of global contemporary art scene next week. Asia Now Paris fair is opening on October 19. Another amazing art fair will open on October 21 – OFFICIELLE Paris 2015! Be sure to visit OFFICIELLE – you will find some great art there. Also in Paris, an interesting art fair YIA Art Fair 2015 will open on October 22 – a fair oriented towards the discovery of emerging contemporary talents. Finally, also on October 22, Outsider Art Fair will open. So, be sure to be in Paris next week, at least for a day.

But, we have more interesting stuff for you in addition to these Parisian art fairs. The amazing Austrian urban artist Nychos will present his latest body of work at Kolly Gallery in Zurich (the exhibition is entitled Translucent Fear). The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for October 22. 30works Gallery from Cologne is organizing an interesting exhibition entitled Pure Pop Art, opening on October 24. Finally, Fabien Castanier Gallery from Culver City (Los Angeles) is opening (on October 24) an exciting show featuring amazing works by British contemporary artist and curator Stuart Semple.

Scroll down and see what's in focus in the week of October 19-25.

Asia Now Paris 2015

With three highlight sections, Asia Now Paris will present the works and practices of 40 artists. The first, Exhibition, will focus on solo and group shows, with the most talented individuals from the Asian scene, many of which will exhibit in Europe for the first time. A number of experts will speak as part of the Conversations program, to be held at Théâtre de l’Espace Pierre Cardin during October 20th. The talks will tackle many topics, including the Indonesian and art scene in Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, China’s young artists and much more. Finally, Exploration will gather a selection of reference publications related to the Asian art scene.

Asia Now Paris will also present 3 curatorial projects. The LEAP Pavillion will host a group exhibition of Hong Kong artists who represented it at the Venice Biennale. BLAST ! is a platform dedicated to digital artists, with a special project developed during Art in the City Festival in Shanghai. Finally, Perfect Design will present their selection of works by five best designers in China.


A total of 50 spaces from countries like Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the US, Mexico, but also Tunisia, UAE, and China, will bring a large number of talented individuals from all spheres of the arts. Among the better-known, we highlight Michael Staniak with Steve Turner Los Angeles, Prints Things And Books, which will showcase an impressive number of names including John Baldessariand Claes Oldenburg, Alex Katz, found at Galerie 8 + 4, and many more. As OFFICIELLE also focuses on young creatives, make sure you keep your eyes open for some fresh views, like those of Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Thomas Bang, Annabel Daou, Paula de Solminihac, Lola Gonzales, Hessie, Maha Malluh, Koka Ramishvili and many others.

YIA Art Fair 2015

Many young and emerging artists will have an opportunity to participate for the first time in an art fair. So many great talents and artists are yet to be discovered. The vast majority of the galleries participating at YIA Art Fair are based in France. However, there will be a number of galleries from other countries. It would be particularly interesting to visit the booths of the galleries coming from Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania). Some of the participating galleries are: Galerie Graphem, Paris; Galerie White Project, Paris; New Square Gallery, Lille; Shonandai Gallery, Tokyo; Galerie Sylvie Le Page, Paris; Galerie Arnaud Deschin, Marseille; Tamar Dresdner Art Projects, Tel Aviv; Galerie Onerio, Paris; Galerie Biesenbach, Cologne, and many others.

Outsider Art Fair Paris 2015

There are 13 new dealers for Paris. This includes three of the most esteemed galleries in the field: Carl Hammer Gallery (Chicago) is renowned for representing seminal artists like Henry Darger and Joseph Yoakum. Ricco Maresca Gallery (New York) has championed important artists such as Bill Traylor and represents the estate of Martin Ramirez. Hirschl & Adler Modern (New York), which has a long history with self-taught art, represents the estate of the critically acclaimed James Edward Deeds (a.k.a. the Electric Pencil). With the return of Cavin Morris Gallery (New York), Fleisher Ollman Gallery (Philadelphia) and Galerie du Marché (Lausanne), the third edition of OAF Paris is sure to have the broadest selection of blue-chip art brut and outsider art thus far.

Pure Pop Art at 30works

Pop Rules! 30works is presenting the special Pure Pop Art. The exhibition explores the expansion of the genre, with great international line-up: AVone, Darko Caramello, François Coorens, Jörg Döring, Salva Ginard, Peintre X and Van Ray.

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