In Focus Next Week: September 28 – October 4

September 27, 2015

September is almost gone. It was quite interesting month – the season of art fairs has begun, the auction season began, we saw a lot of great exhibitions. And October will be the same, probably even more exciting. We have selected five amazing exhibitions for the coming week. So, we are focusing on pure joy of spending a part of the day visiting a great exhibition with beautiful pieces of art.

London and San Francisco are in general one of the global centers of contemporary art. Four out of five exhibitions we have selected are taking place in these great cities. Gallery 8 from London is organizing an exhibition of Lisa Wright, while the Pure Evil Gallery (also from London) is preparing for Character - a new exhibition of works by MadC. On the other hand, San Francisco public will have an opportunity to enjoy two great shows – Hashimoto Contemporary is hosting a solo show by Soey Milk entitled PIDA, while Dolby Chadwick Gallery organizes a solo show by Alex Kanevsky. Finally, it seems that always one art event in Germany is on our focus. Museum Frieder Burda from Baden-Baden is organizing an exhibition of Leipzig-born photographer Andreas Gursky.

Enjoy the last days of September!

Soey Milk


Opening: October 1

Hashimoto Contemporary 

San Francisco, the United States

...The Korean term “Pida / 피다” means to blossom or to become something else. The artist touches on this notion of self-exploration, describing her new body of work as “a solitary dialogue” and “quiet experimentation where discoveries are made.” Her painted figures are brought to life in stunning realism through numerous layers of pigment and glaze...

Lisa Wright

The Unversed

Opening: October 1

Gallery 8

London, United Kingdon

...Exhibition’s title The Unversed refers to the passivity of the depicted characters. The desire to escape prepubescent phase is present and attempts of trying on an adult personality inevitable. However, while waiting for their future identities, adolescents often lack experience and skills they need to fully express themselves. Their passivity is emphasized by the masks worn by many subjects portrayed on the paintings. These disguises, reminiscent of Venetian carnival masks are firmly placed over the mouth to convey the notion of apathy and restraint....



Opening: October 1

Pure Evil Gallery

London, United Kingdom

...MadC’s exhibition Character will gather the artworks produced to date, linked by the idea of a character in form of a symbol, or a letter as we’ve mentioned, or a figure, or a person’s nature. To MadC, characters are a way for a graffiti artist to introduce him or herself to the art scene he or she wishes to belong to, a story which will tell about its creator. Her installations, to be presented at the space, will give us a glimpse of what we can expect in her future artistic oeuvre, along with her murals being painted around the world – sometimes abstract, sometimes realistic, always intriguing and very compelling....

Alex Kanevsky

Unstable Equilibrium 

Opening: October 1

Dolby Chadwick Gallery

San Francisco, the United States

...Unstable Equilibrium artworks are inspired by myth, history and legend. Main subjects of these paintings are nude bodies, nature’s fragments and the interlacing of the two. Alex Kanevsky’s nude female models are often depicted in everyday situations such as sitting, sleeping or bathing. The subjects are often turned directly toward the audience while they confidently bare it all. The purity and honesty of these stunning models captivate the viewers’ attention and abolish the sensation of shame, often evoked by observing nakedness. Alex Kanevsky’s JWI in the Dark Studio is probably the best representative of the artist’s vigorous imagery. Naked female character is approaching the spectators with her arms open wide, as a sign of welcome. While gazing warmly into the darkness, the subject seems so uninhibited, so confident in her own skin that even the background of the painting radiates with flares of flesh-colored light. The fierce energy of Alex Kanevsky’s characters is so powerful that it changes the environment they reside in....

Andreas Gursky

Opening: October 3

Museum Frieder Burda

Baden-Baden, Germany

...This famous photographer is also well known for his passion for traveling, and, consequently, his visual testimonies from all around the world. Decades of traveling around the globe were conserved via large visual masterpieces, that, sort of, make an imaginary map of the places Andreas Gursky has been to. Also, Gursky is one of the first artist that had started applying digital interventions on large-scaled photographs. He started digitally manipulating photographs back in 1992, and the aforementioned Rhine II is a perfect example of his digital work. During the (re)construction of the photograph, Gursky had created a nonexistent section of the Rhine river, as he completely wiped out everything that he thought didn’t belong to the landscape – all of the industry buildings and all the people, leaving just water, shores and skies....

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Images in Slider: MadC - 1953, 2015, detail ( courtesy of Pure Evil Gallery London); Lisa Wright -  At Her Mirror, detail (courtesy of Gallery 8); Hashimoto Contemporary (courtesy of Shaun Roberts, gallerys Facebook page); Andreas Gursky - Pyongyang I 2007, detail. ©Andreas Gursky and VG Bild Kunst Bonn 2015. Courtesy Sprüth Magers (Andreas Gursky and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2015. Courtesy Sprüth Magers and Museum Frieder Burda); Alex Kanevsky - Fishing in America, detail (courtesy of Dolby Chadwick Gallery)

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