Human Psychic Powers as a Reality by Ingo Swann in Exhibition at La MaMa Galleria

June 10, 2016

La MaMa Galleria is proud to present Ingo Swann exhibition entitled Ingo Swan: A Remote View. This one-man exhibition will feature paintings and collages by the acclaimed psi-researcher, author, and artist Ingo Swann. He has taken part in more than a hundred government-backed and academic research studies that explore the human psychic powers as a reality, which is something that modern science considers trivial, abnormal, and unfounded. Swann is the pioneer of the so-called “remote viewing”, which is a psychic ability that enables an individual to see physically distant, remote locations, for example, the surface of planets. The somewhat unconventional theme of the Ingo Swann exhibition will surely inspire the viewers to think outside the box and allow themselves to wonder about the things considered silly and impossible in the harsh, science-oriented world of today.

1995 Nightline Special on Stargate

Remote Viewing

When the CIA found out that the Soviet psi-spies exist in the midst of Cold War, they contacted Swann and the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) to train a group of military staff in remote viewing, the aforementioned psychic ability, in order to create their own psychic spies. The project ran from 1978 to 1995 and was code named Stargate. In this period, Swann was assured that his findings would not be shared with the public since the CIA feared that the civilians might begin to use their psychic powers and abilities. Swann was oppressed even further due to the fact that he was a gay man in a homophobic culture and environment, however, art allowed him to express himself freely, in psychic inclinations and sexual desires. Thus, this Ingo Swann exhibition, A Remote View, addresses, and references to his psychic ability and his outsider status, remote from the accepted cultural norms of the homophobic and psi-phobic environment.

Ingo Swann exhibition
Ingo Swann - artwork

Painting the Psyche

The collages and paintings featured in the exhibition span from the early 1960s to the late 1990s and depict Swann’s unique point of view on the outside world. Swann painted things that made him happy: mostly the energy that radiated from the people around him that he could see. He could see this energy - chi, force, aura – as the thing that unites and connects all living things in this universe. He strongly believed that the world would change for the better if people were to use their extra-sensory perceptions, and if they could see the world’s forces as he could. This is why this exhibition focuses on the pieces that illustrate the energy radiating from depicted figures in the form of flames, rays, halos, and mandalas. His subjects span from the ancient and mythological to hippies and hustlers, whom he could probably have seen outside his studio on the Bowery in Manhattan.

Ingo Swann exhibition
Ingo Swann - artwork

Ingo Swann: A Remote View at La MaMa Galleria

Ingo Swann: A Remote View is a rare opportunity to see Swann’s works, a great number of which has never been exhibited before. In these pieces, the viewers will be able to experience the pleasure of seeing the transformation of East Village through the eyes of a true visionary. Instead of succumbing to the pressures of society, Swann turned to art as a perfect medium through which he could express himself freely, and by doing this, he inspired others to search for their true selves by reconnecting with the energy that flows through every person on this planet. The exhibition will be on view at La MaMa Galleria from June 15th to July 3rd, 2016. The opening reception is scheduled for Friday, June 17th, from 6 PM to 8 PM. Ingo Swann: A Remote View is curated by Harrison Tenzer. Tenzer had this to say about the Ingo Swann exhibition:

"I discovered Ingo's work while walking through my neighborhood (East Village, NY by the Bowery, a famous street where many artists used to have studios. It is now very gentrified and expensive, so of course, many of the artists have had to leave). When I was walking down Bowery on my way to the gym, I saw that there was an estate sale happening at an old building that stood out from all the recently renovated buildings around. I went in and discovered Ingo's works having on the walls and unstretched and stacked on top of each other. I was immediately struck by the works and asked the gentleman overseeing the estate sale, Glen Leiner, who the artist was and he told me about Ingo Swann's history. I fell in love at once and contacted my friend Matt Nasser, the director of La Mama, who also thought this would be an incredible show and offered me the opportunity to curate a show about the artist."

When the curator is this passionate about the artworks, the show is bound to be amazing so make sure you take the time to visit La MaMa Galleria and see the Swann art yourself.

All images courtesy of La MaMa Galleria.