October 29, 2014

Once in awhile, an innovative approach to street art come along and changes everything. We have been talking of numerous examples during the months behind us (to find out more about some interesting roles that urban and street artists might take on, read Urban Art’s Virtual Reality). With the work of INSA, an artist who has managed to articulate the factual world of streets and the surreal potential of new media, we truly have a novel approach to our long-lasting passion for street art. INSA has found a new vessel for his artwork…

INSA, artwork, Shoreditch

The Art of INSA

The practice of INSA represents a true example of what it means to be a postmodern artist. If we were to look at the core contexts which interest the artist and through which he builds his aesthetics, we would immediately realize why does his work resonate the particularities of contemporary times. Through the power of forceful patterns, INSA’s work conveys the artist’s devotion to the notions of fantasy but also, more importantly, a rapport with hyperreality. The imagery enriched with elements depicting the female form serve as a message of the importance of discourses which point to the notions of body in contemporaneity as well as the situating of sex in commercialism. In addition, the artist is know to be a sought after individual, when it comes to commissioned work and established brands. This summer, he had participated in creating a mural within a restaurant space (read more about this interesting project in our article G9 Shanghai). INSA is also known to be a participant in charitable street art endeavors, such as the one at Makasutu Resort Gambia (read more about this in Wide Open Walls of Gambia). However, he is probably best known for GIF-ITI…

INSA, artwork, Roskilde Festival 2014


We are talking about “…slices of infinite un-reality, cutting edge art for the tumblr generation.” This is one of the descriptions of the concept of GIF-ITI. Behind a finished product, there is a detailed plan of work and a complex strategy. Also know as street art which comes to life only in the field of digital space, the GIF-ITI doesn’t only rely on a digital urban art practice, but is in fact a creative process rooted in inspiring methodology on the streets. Namely, the artist needs to create multiple levels of a street art piece, photographing the phases of work. These images, then, become a GIF file, looping in the space of online communities. Up until now, this meant that a piece could only be visible online. With a new app, this is about to change…

INSA, artwork, Miami

Street Art Coming To Life With INSA’s New App

The new app by INSA, called GIF-ITI Viewer, works as a tool which provides an experience of augmented reality. Whenever you are near an INSA piece on the streets, you can find out how was the piece imagined to appear to the viewer in the digital space. For those who cannot make it to a certain mural, the app provides a library of inspiring street art pieces. Therefore, go on a hunt for INSA’s murals, turn on your smartphone, and admire the art in all its glory. To begin, go download the app from iTunes.

INSA, artwork, Redchurch Street, London 2014

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