September 1, 2014

There are elements present in the world which are rarely perceivable by those of us who are not really looking. It takes a specific intuitive interaction with the reality in order to understand the beauty of the world. This is particular understanding which seem to be so innate to some artists. This insight is coming to the Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai…

STEN LEX in Shanghai - 2013 , Multilayer stencil and paint, courtesy Magda Danysz Gallery

Wang Keping

The Artists

Stéphane Bisseuil is a French photographer with almost 30 years of experience. His photographs represent a devotion to street art, especially the aspects of this phenomenon concerned with the obstacles street artists encounter. Bisseuil manages to depict today’s society through documenting street art, but portraits of artists as well. Liu Bolin is an artist who works and lives in China. Through accurate planning and execution, he manages to articulate roles of an artist and performer. Sometimes taking up to 10 hours, Bolin directs the photographer to take the perfect shot, as the artist blends into the environment. Although the end product is a photograph, Bolin represents a true urban artist who blends into the city in order to create. Gael Davrinche, a French artists, living and working in Paris, creates mesmerizing oil paintings, through which he examines the notions of transition. This is the approach in which the artists sees the opportunity to find freedom.

Futura portrait by Stéphane Bisseuil

Huang Rui’s creative process is derived from a strong note of social activism. Fighting for free expression, Rui was subjected to significant censorship by the government. He was a founding member of the Chinese avant-garde group the Stars. JR is a French artists from Paris. He has been engaged in photographing the street art scene since 2000. One of his most notable projects, from 2004, represents the series of giant portraits of young people form the Paris suburbs. A sculptor born in Beijing in 1949, Wang Keping is known for shocking the art world in the late 1970s with his piece of a Buddha-like Mao figure. He is a creator of female wooden forms and his sculptures often resemble a totem. He has had numerous solo exhibitions in major cultural institutions. The artistic duo from Rome Sten Lex are considered to be the pioneers of urban stencil in Italy. They say that one of their biggest influences came from the impressionist movement. The duo tends to utilize the benefits of the digitized technology in their creative process.

JR, artwork


During the period between September 6th and October 4th 2014, the Magda Danysz Gallery in Shanghai will present a collective exhibition of internationally renowned artist. The show titled Insight features work of Stéphane Bisseuil, Liu Bolin, Gael Davrinche, Huang Rui, JR, Wang Keping and Sten Lex. An inspirational and mesmerizing amalgam of different styles and techniques will be available to the public, from devotion to street art and photography to the artistic expressions of sculptures and characteristic performance art. It is a rendition of the artists’ vision of aspects of existence we sometimes tend to overlook in day-to-day life…

Huang Rui, White Snake Black Snake, 2014
Huang Rui, White Snake Black Snake, 2014

Gael, Davrinche, Tulipes, 2011, segment

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