Most Liked Instagram Art Posts of May

June 1, 2016

We already know that Instagram is full of pictures of meals and sunsets, selfies and all kinds of #hashtags modern society can’t imagine itself without anymore. But what about Instagram art? While the photo-sharing service surely is meant for entertainment, it has also proved to be an interesting tool for artists, galleries, museums, curators, just about anyone in the world of the arts at large. It is an easy way to visually share ideas, latest projects, opinions and plans, so it’s only natural that many do exactly that and, well, of course we’ll be there to follow it all - which is why we’re proud to present yet another selection of Instagram wall posts we loved - and that you did too - in the 31 days behind us. Needless to say that street artists were quite busy, and we’re sure that many of your favourites ended up on the list below. Still, you better check it out, just in case! Scroll down and enjoy!

Pastel - Calamansi and Sampaguita in Manilla, Philippines

Argentinian artist Francisco Diaz, better known as Pastel, visited the capital of the Philippines recently to paint as part of the Art BGC Mural Festival. Entitled Calamansi and Sampaguita, his beautiful piece draws inspiration from ancient local traditions, as it depicts the two plants used to represent humility and reverence and during funerals as a way of purifying the body respectively. Calamansi, the national flower, is also common on the streets, as many Philippine kids sell it in order to survive. Pastel’s mural is painted on a large building surface against a black background, which emphasises the colors of his plants even further.

Sainer - Countryside Evening in Rouen, France

Another mural for another festival, this time it’s the Rouen Impressionnée Festival and Sainer from the Etam Cru duo. Joining the works of SatONE and Robert Proch, his piece entitled Countryside Evening evokes an admirable painting skill that tackles highly realistic scenery, usually from everyday life and ordinary folks. Here, we see two women working in the countryside, accompanied by a cow and a melancholic sunset. Inside Etam Cru, Sainer is known as the one who portrays people, while the other half, Bezt, is more focused on the animal world. Their murals and studio works can be seen on walls and within galleries across Europe.

Young Jarus - Red Bicycle in Kiev, Ukraine

Canadian artist Emmanuel Jarus, aka Young Jarus, visited Ukraine’s capital Kiev to paint as part of Art United Us festival near the outdoor velodrome. His mural of an everyday guy in a baseball hat, white t-shirt and on a red bicycle is now part of a collection of 200 pieces painted over the course of two years, as part of this initiative, but it also stands in support of a story about a revival of the 100-year-old cycling track in the city! Aside from Jarus, painting in Ukraine there were also Ernest Zacharevic, Ricky Lee Gordon, Kenor from Spain, Ukranian Alex Maximov, Belgian Bart Smeets and many more.

Zmogk - Nature in Vyksa, Russia

Zmogk, aka TAD, aka ZNC, is a visual artist based in Moscow who recently painted a mesmerising mural for the 6th urban art festival called ART OVRAG, based in the Russian city of Vyksa. Soaked in abstract colors, the mural is entitled Nature, and if you look closely, you can see the face of a female figure emerging from its vibrant surface. Many of Zmogk’s artworks embrace this kind of style, both on building façades and on canvases, evoking a highly polished approach and an elaborate color palette that draws our attention immediately and keeps it there. His captivating murals can be found around the world, as well as in a few commercial campaigns.

Telmo and Miel with Pariz One - Two of One Kind in Lisbon, Portugal

It was a fun adventure for the Dutch urban art duo Telmo and Miel, who went to Portugal to participate in MURO Festival, alongside fellow artist Pariz One. In fact, it was his daughter, Mia, who proved to be a great model for their latest mural entitled Two of One Kind. It looks like it depicts twin sisters, but it’s all just Mia, in what is probably her favourite color - purple. The work perfectly combines the poetic art of the duo with a more formal, geometric style of Pariz One, as it gloriously covers an entire wall of a tall building. Hopefully the trio will collaborate some more in the future, because we are amazed!

Fintan Magee - Woman with Aloe Vera Plant in Sapri, Italy

If you look at her from the right angle, you will see - she completely belongs to the landscape of the Italian small town of Sapri. It is a beautiful mural entitled Woman with Aloe Vera Plant that Australian artist Fintan Magee painted while in Italy for the occasion of One Night Show in Turin, in which he exhibited alongside other street art legends such as one Shepard Fairey, Blu, Borondo, Pixel Pancho, Alexis Diaz and Saner. It is simply stunning, as it follows the line of the mountain behind the building it now lives on, matching the blue skies above perfectly, on a given sunny day. The residents surely are thrilled.

Bezt - Meeting Her Parents in Aalborg, Denmark

Speaking of Etam Cru, here is that other half, Bezt. Now, I did say he focuses on animals more, but he is equally good at painting people too, proven here by one of his latest pieces entitled Meeting Her Parents. It’s adorable - it shows a young boy standing outside her girlfriend’s house, as we come to find out from the title, holding flowers behind his back to surprise her. Bezt was there as the guest of local Galleri Kirk, which just finished hosting an outdoor urban art show called Out in the Open, which also featured David Walker, Faith47, Guido van Helten, Vesod, Wes21, Linnea Strid and the above mentioned Telmo and Miel.

Anders Gjennestad aka STROK in Paris, France

Norwegian artist Anders Gjennestad aka STRØK is in Paris as we speak, having his second solo exhibition at the local Galerie Mathgoth. For the occasion, he also created a large stencil work on rue de la Glaciér in the 13th arrondissement that depicts four men “falling down” the building, trying to hold on to their own shadows. It is a trademark approach for Anders Gjennestad aka STRØK, as he usually depicts realistic characters in a world where there’s no gravity, so they are often in unusual positions and never facing their viewer directly. His show, Enter Title Here, runs through July 9, 2016, so make sure you don’t miss it if you’re around!

Rone in Nashville, USA

Melbourne-based Tyrone Wright, better known by his artist name Rone, is known for his portraits of Jane Does, mysterious and beautiful women which he paints around the world. His latest one found home in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of The Nashville Walls Project, alongside fellow artists Adele Renault, Herakut, Curiot, Hush and Niels Shoe Muelman. Using colors that match and complement the browns of the building wall, Rone’s portrait is elegant and fragmented, intentionally left to crumble into decay in order to demonstrate the transience of beauty. His artworks are also currently on display at the city’s Tinney Contemporary.

Dzia in Glasgow, Scotland

Finally, we have one of my personal favourites. Belgian artist Dzia visited the Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside festival, held at Glasgow’s Riverside Museum, that marvellous building designed by the late Zaha Hadid you definitely need to check out while there. I dare you to look at Dzia’s Dragonfly, or his Swan, butterfly and other pieces painted there, for less than two straight minutes. He is known for painting different species of animals, insects and fish, always oozing in color and elaborate lining that leave no one indifferent. We are always so excited about Dzia and we’re already looking forward to his next mural!

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