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March 2, 2016

Each month, there are lots of new murals showcased on our Instagram wall. Some of them become so popular that we have no other option than to feature them all and give you a nice throwback to the top 10 of them. At least a half of them you had the chance to see in our recent Street Updates, and some will perhaps be completely new to you - in case you didn't know about our Instagram profile. And for those of you who follow us on Instagram, here are the murals you liked most. There should be no big surprises here, because after all, you were the ones who voted. To be fair, if there wasn't for actual votes, it would've been a very tough decision, since we had so many great murals this month. Anyhow, without further ado, let's take a look at these brilliant wall art pieces!

Collaboration between Lolo YS, Hueman, BoyKong, Tatunga, Woes and Jose Mertz for POW WOW HAWAII

Here's a little bit of everything, all mixed up into one mural. A brilliant, colorful piece of art is the product of a collaboration between six artists, who joined forces for POW! WOW! Hawaii. All of these artists are very distinctive, and the fusion of their styles had to result in something fruitful. Out all the great things that POW! WOW! Hawaii was responsible for, this is perhaps the most interesting one! You can easily discern one type of spraying from another, and even though everything seems to be in harmony, it is certainly heterogeneous and amusing.

Fintan Magee - Glass Half Full

What an excellent way to bring two things of different kind together. Fintan Magee overlapped his thought-provoking idea with the material reality of the built environment he found on site.  The title of the mural is, as you can see, Glass Half Full, and it regards CO2 emission that affects countries on small islands. The uncontrolled emission lifts up the level of water on Earth, which will ultimately determine their uncertain future. The artist showed remarkable talent, not only because he managed to translate his concept successfully, but also because he found such a perfect place for transmitting the message. The round-shaped tank really looks like a large glass, in which the innocent boy is trapped.

Odeith in Lisbon

The Portuguese artist decided to pay tribute to a popular TV Series, Breaking Bad. He made this hyper-realistic mural in Damaia, Lisbon. As you can see, Odeith is very interested in developing his complex technique, which helps him accomplish veracious representation. Thanks to the photos posted on his Facebook page, we managed to see several stages of the making of his work. He also said that Breaking Bad is his favorite TV show ever. Odeith was already featured in some of our street updates, and we are looking forward to seeing more of his amazing wall artworks in future as well! 

Mr. Thoms - Slave for Feed

Here's a very suggestive work, made by Mr. Thoms, in Cerpano, Italy. You all probably recognize the very familiar thumb, that the artist's clownish creature is carrying on his back, like a burden. Although the Italian artist has been working with lots of different media, his favorite remains the analogue one. He likes paper. That said, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the main subject of his criticism is the negative aspect of social networking. Most of us could, indeed, be perceived as slaves, which the artist tries to express directly through the title, as well as through the image. Ironically, social networks were the ones responsible for bringing this interesting mural to our February top-list.

Mr Fijodor - Abandoned Factory

Here's another mister, and also from Italy. Mr. Fijodor made this piece in 2015, but it became available to broader audiences this February. And it was very successful, as you can tell! First of all (but probably less important), the photograph is beautiful itself. But the eye-catching drawing attracts attention alone. Mr. Fijodor's characters often have similar facial expressions, and that's what makes them recognizable, everywhere. Also, he didn't use it here, but his signature typography matches the aesthetics of these greyscale illustrations very well.

Roberto Ciredz in Sardinia

Twelve shades of chromatic grey - or perhaps there is only eight of them, but the way that they are positioned confuses our sight? Or perhaps the color is not grey at all? It would be too much to call this piece op-art, however it is pretty close to it. Nevertheless, there's no need to try and label this piece and regard it as something other than a beautiful piece of art, made by the magnificent Roberto Ciredz, in an equally beautiful natural environment. Even though it may sound conflicting, many people relate ruins to beauty, and it seems that Ciredz has the capacity to recognize that strange beauty.

Phlegm in New Zealand

Popular British street artist made this captivating piece in Wellington, New Zealand. Although he started with illustration, as the main field of his work and interest, Phlegm managed to situate his art somewhere within the indeterminable constraints of street art. This is a path typical for many other street artists as well, so there must be some kind of connection between the endeavor to illustrate on paper and to transfer those characters onto a big, vertical surface. Anyhow, Phlegm's new piece is radiant, and its size contributes to that feeling. The building that he painted made sound heads for movie projectors, and the artist admittedly used one of these as inspiration for the mural.

Johannes Mundinger in Berlin

I'm guessing you remember this one, since we mentioned it quite a few times. Johannes Mundinger was named our Artist of the Week last Thursday, and this particular mural was mentioned in our older Street Update. As you probably know, if you have been following the events on our website, the mural was made for his upcoming exhibition at Urban Spree. The name of the exhibition is Below the Fog, and it is actually coming up just now - March 4th! So, in case you didn't hear about the exhibition yet, here's a chance to get to know something about it.

Remi Rough for MB6 in Marrakech

Remi Rough's astonishing mural was made for Marrakech Biennale, the 6th edition, which is happening right now. Although the somewhat radical, geometric shapes appear in most of Remi's works, like this one, don't forget that he is also skillful when it comes to other forms of representation. We have witnessed many of his other powerful works, some of which even feature almost realistic portraits and figuration. However, it is clear that Remi invests the same amount of attentiveness and effort when it comes to the abstract forms, which are, paradoxically, sometimes maybe even harder to make with such success.

DANK brings Tokyo to London

And finally, here's another mural you already saw on our website. It was featured in the 114th edition of our Street Update. DANK used to spend some time in Japan last year, and he was apparently fascinated by the neon lights in the night. The rainy weather is something we can all relate to both the artist's country of origin, United Kingdom, and the city that he depicted - Tokyo. Now, the streets of London have a sort of secret passage into the streets of Shinjuku. The main character in this piece of art is the girl with the yellow umbrella, placed in the middle of the mural.

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