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November 3, 2015

It is now the time to look back on all those beautiful murals that have popped out on Widewalls Instagram page during the month of October and see which ones were singled out by our community as the most beloved murals of the month. Those of you who like to read our Street Update section and those who follow us on Facebook have perhaps already seen some of the pieces that made the cut, but only those readers that follow us on Instagram had the opportunity to actually decide what the best murals of October were. The community has spoken and we now have the list of 10 magnificent public art pieces to present to you.

What are you waiting for, scroll down and check out the best Instagram wall art of October…

Pantonio in Covilha, Portugal

Lisbon artist Pantonio known for his astonishing compositions of flexible lines and flowing animal figures was one of the participants in this year’s Wool Festival. Happening on the streets of the Portuguese city of Covilha, Portugal this edition of the festival brought some amazing creations, with Pantonio’s piece being among the very best. In his signature style, the artist has created a large-scale mural depicting a flock of swallows to the delight of the Covilha citizens.

Wesam Shadid - Calligraffiti in Amman

A self-taught urban artist Wesam Shadid who also goes by the moniker Wize One made all our Instagram followers really excited about his new piece on the streets of Amman. Merging graffiti with his calligraphic style Wesam Shadid reinvented the iconic imagery of The Dark Side of the Moon cover art by the even more iconic band Pink Floyd. Jordanian artist started his piece as a replica of the original album artwork but added his own signature calligraphic elements at the end. A truly amazing tribute.

Gesta Future - Eagle in L'Aquila, Italy

Italian street artist Gesta Future created this astonishing piece during his participation in Re_Acto Fest in the Italian city of L'Aquila. Executed in spray paint, this piece brings the image of an eagle with large wings ready to embrace the passersby and it is beautifully incorporated into the surroundings. As the artist Gesta Future states, the idea for the coat of arms like imagery came from his notion that people nowadays have lost their feelings of belonging and his mural is devoted to the restoration of that lost sense of community.

Bordalo II - Hedgehog

Those readers who had the opportunity to check out our Street Update #97 already saw this amazing street art piece created by Bordalo II in Italy. The mural entitled Ouriço which is a Spanish word for hedgehog was made in the Italian city of Este as part of Bordalo’s participation in the Impatto 2.0 Festival. Just like in his previous works, Bordalo II used only recycled materials to create this beautiful hedgehog showing his own environmental conscious and encouraging others to be mindful of their environment.

NemO’s - Ignorance

A week ago, it was featured as one of the best pieces of the week in our Street Update #99 and now we see that it is also one of the best murals of the whole month. The admiration for NemO’s new piece shows how great mind think alike and our Instagram and Facebook followers helped the artist to make it to both lists. Entitled Ignorance this humorous representation of human flaws is painted in Italy, featuring NemO’s signature whimsical character. Truly one of the best artworks we have seen from this Italian artist recently.

Borondo - Les Trois Ages

Not exactly the most recent piece, but the one that surely captured the attention of our community of street art enthusiasts. Back in 2014, Borondo created this magnificent and thought-provoking mural naming it Les Trois Ages or The Three Generations. Borondo is one of the masters of experimentation and this highly expressive, raw and unrestrained piece features three generations of men, each of them deprived of their senses whether it’s their ability to see, speak or their identity altogether. The mural was created in Paris as part of Borondo’s participation in the White Night festival.

L7M in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian street artist L7M created this vibrant piece somewhere on the streets of his hometown of Sao Paulo. Starting from a figurative and photorealistic representation of a bird, L7M finished his mural with more abstract and chaotic forms. Vibrant coloring, signature for the artist work further enhances that anarchic feeling of his piece and yet it stays almost perfectly elegant and graceful. A truly beautiful work by L7M.

Farid Rueda - For All Seasons

Entitled For All Seasons this mural was created by the Mexican artist Farid Rueda in the town of Halle, Germany. Known for his intricate and vibrant compositions that bring together native cultural motifs and the artist’s exceptional attention to details, Farid Rueda created this piece as part of his participation in the All You Can Paint Festival. This fierce bear of Farid Rueda is definitely one of the highlights of the city’s public art program and it was also one of the highlights in the 96th Street Update edition.

Felipe Pantone in Brisbane

At the beginning of October, prior to his solo exhibition at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone who currently resides in Spain visited Brisbane, as one of the participating artists in the Wonderwalls festival. For the festival, Pantone created a large-scale mural in his signature style which brings together kinetic art, graffiti, geometric forms and digital age inspiration. The scale of the piece is impressive on its own, and the composition is more than breathtaking. This is one in the series of murals Pantone did in Australia during his stay and the others are thrilling as well.

Nafir - Do Not Take Selfie Here

The last, but certainly not the least important name on our list is the Iranian artist Nafir who in the recent times gained an army of supporters on Widewalls social media pages. Entitled Do Not Take Selfie Here, this particular piece was made in Berlin, but it is one of the frequently used messages in Nafir's work. Both humorous and critical of today’s society his street art pieces are breaking the record when it comes to Facebook or Instagram likes, which is pretty ironic when we think about it, as most of his pieces are critical of those same phenomena. Anyway, this artist from Teheran is rocking the European street art scene and our editorial team is always so happy to have him in our articles.

Until next time, keep following us on Instagram for murals fresh from the streets and sign up for My Widewalls for more interesting topics from the world of art!

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