Celebrating Female Artists on this International Women's Day

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March 8, 2019

A day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women, the International Women's Day commemorates women's struggle for equality, belonging to all who care about human rights.

On this day, we should take a moment to remember the acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in history, earning women all around the world rights that we today take for granted. At the same time, it is a time when we should call for change, aiming to accelerate gender equality and the empowerment of women everywhere.

We celebrate this day by compiling a list of powerful contemporary artworks created by female artists which you can own right now!

Featured image: Marion Jdanoff - Bravades (detail), 2018. All images courtesy of their respective galleries.

Julia Benz - Shine On

An acclaimed German artist, Julia Benz combines contemporary painting and urban art in a very specific way, by using a highly colored palette. Working mainly on canvases, her painting style ranges from figurative to conceptual art, overlapping layers with unconstrained freedom.

In the work Shine One, layers upon layers of color and pattern weave together, perfectly driven by impulse, experience and intuition. Colorful, energetic and loud, it blends figurative and abstract imagery in a perfect and effortless way.

Find more info about the work here.

Babeth Montagnier - Offrande 5490B

A French photographer, Babeth Montagnier attempts to recreate harmony, beauty, gentleness and cheerfulness in her work. Focusing on things that no one ever notices, the artist aims to bring them to the forefront. She is also celebrated for a variety of reflections and experiments around photography.

Montagnier's work is always characterized by frontal framing and a square format. As she explains, this format is incontestably stable and carries a perfect homothety. Depicting cotton interwoven between fingers, the piece Offrande 5490B recalls a childish play.

Find more info about the work here.

Julie De Bleeckere - Fading Memories

The work of the Belgian artist Julie De Bleeckere cannot be classified in a single direction or name. It is made up of many ramifications, which never depart from a recurring theme. The artist transports the viewers through her works swept by her own reflections on time and memory, the artist transports the viewers.

The work Fading Memories is in line with her visual language, where she applies successive layers of painting and paste to photographs, giving way to a feeling of strange concern. The work takes us into a world that is at once scary and curious.

Find more info about the work here.

Marion Jdanoff - Bravades

A French contemporary artist, Marion Jdanoff is a member of the collective Palefroi together with Damien Tran. The duo works at the crossroads of printmaking, illustration, publishing and applied arts. Clever, bold and consistently engaging, their work often evokes sinister and the surreal.

The work of Jdanoff is narrative and figurative, ranging in subject matter from mountain peaks and battles to mythological creatures. Featuring animal and human figures, the work Bravades is wrapped up in a palette which appears extremely considered.

Find more info about the work here.

Gemma Compton - Forever Lucky

A Bristol-based artist, illustrator and fashion designer, Gemma Compton combines classic wildlife imagery with perfectly painted celebrities. She draws influence from popular culture, the natural world and religious iconography, developing a strong illustrative style.

The work Forever Lucky is a collaboration with her husband, Copyright. Blending their two different artistic practices, this piece explores the “two sides” of a relationship.

Find more info about the work here.

Jasmine Wallace - Grinder Painting 10 (Black)

Inspired by a sense of place, material exploration and the built environment, the Canadian artist Jasmine Wallace has a diverse studio practice which includes painting, sculpture and ceramics. Focusing on the awareness and understanding of the creation of space, both real and imagined, she creates pieces which evoke a sense of wonder about the built environment.

The work Grinder Painting 10 (Black) reflects on the progression of acts in building, construction and deconstruction while being informed by the design processes that develop and form architecture.

Find more info about the work here.

Alexia Tailleur - Marseille le Panier 13

Artist and photographer living and working in Toulouse, Alexia Tailleur is known for the unique use of the gold leaf technique that she studied in an Italian monastery. In her works, she enhances private stories where subjects, who are treated in the style of icons, reflect her personal universe.

The work Marseille le Panier 13 generates a special feeling, like an aura. Taken in the streets of Marseille, this action shot is printed on thick tracing papers and partially enhanced with gold.

Find more info about the work here.

Alexandra Levasseur - Lightwaves

Alexandra Levasseur is a Canadian artist known for creating surreal and vivid landscapes surrounding dreamy women. Working in the classic colored pencils on paper and experimenting with oil painting on wood panel, mixed with crayons, Levasseur draws upon the ever-changing spectrum of human emotions.

Delicate and beautifully executed, the work Lightwaves is filled with emotions and drama that captivate the viewer. This stunning portrait of a female subject is juxtaposed with crushing flora, exploring the relationship between mankind and the nature that surrounds us.

Find more info about the work here.

Olga De Amaral - Poblado i

A Colombian textile artist, Olga de Amaral uses an evolving technique, which incorporates fiber, paint, gesso and precious metals, to transform two-dimensional textiles into sculptural works that seamlessly integrate art, craft, and design. She is best known for her large tapestries covered with gold or silver leaf which she thinks of as "golden surfaces of light."

The shimmering abstract work Poblado i evokes the natural and vernacular landscapes of Colombia, the artist’s native country while recalling pre-Columbian gold artifacts. With each passing year, de Amaral's work acquires greater historical resonance.

Find more info about the work here.

Aya Toshikawa - sana3

Integrating animation into the world of fine arts, Japanese painter Aya Toshikawa is known for depicting beautiful manga characters. Relying on hand drawings and using the oil on canvas technique, she depicts Lolita manga and lascivious girls, seducing the viewer's imagination.

Titled sana3, this work features her distinct babyface female character with large eyes and long hair. The subject's provocative features and pose invite the viewer to enter into her playful world.

Find more info about the work here.

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