Interview at STROKE - Christian Omodeo (Le Grand Jeu)

May 9, 2014

What began, as a passion for art by three friends is now a sophisticated webzine and urban art association. Widewalls met one of the men behind le Grand Jeu (The Big Game) and asked how to play the game, what Homo ludens destiny is and how entertaining art can be. Enjoy the informative interview with Christian Omodeo.

About Le Grand Jeu

Le Grand Jeu evolved from a webzine, which is still maintained, to a communication agency between artist and customers. Le Grand Jeu organizes the murals and artworks for public institutions, companies and private collectors. Artists the association has brokered for commissioned projects include: Agostino Iacurci, Peeta and Moneyless. The webzine’s is the associations presentation platform for their numerous outstanding projects they have executed over the years. is an archive of exceptional urban art.

Le Grand Jeu

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Düsseldorf, Germany