Interview at STROKE – Galerie Hegemann

May 8, 2014

Dr. Holger Hegemann is not what you expect when thinking about an urban art gallerist. This is only until you speak with him. The man is a true art insider that understands art from two sides. As son of the late Erwin Hegemann, one of the important portrait painters in Germany post WWII, he sees art from an artist perspective. As former manager of multinational corporations he understands the business side of art. Enjoy the interview of a man that is conquering urban art with knowledge, wit and sculptures.

About Galerie Hegemann

The artistic array of Galerie Hegemann in Munich reaches from the modernity to contemporary art. The artist roster includes established as wells as emerging artists that are promoted on national and international level. The gallery’s main focus lies upon figurative and abstract art in contemporary paintings and sculptures. These are presented in varying exhibitions that showcase the diversity of urban and contemporary art.

Urban art gallery
Galerie Hegemann at STROKE

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Munich, Germany