Interview at STROKE – Marco Schwalbe

May 6, 2014

We asked the gallery owner, urban art agency proprietor and STROKE Art Fair founder to sit down in front of Sickboy’s triptych to talk with us, and Marco Schwalbe sat down to answer all our questions. The valuable information we received was more than we could have expected. The urban art insider not only told us about his background and the origin story of STROKE but also provided us with unique thoughts on the state of urban art. This interview is equally interesting for urban art rookies as much as it is for collectors. Marco Schwalbe provides valuable insight into the current urban art scene…

About Marco Schwalbe

In 2005 Marco Schwalbe and his brother Raiko founded the urban art agency INTOXICATED DEMONS. The name was later to become the name of their gallery and the agency’s name was changed to its current title SCHWALBE & SCHWALBE. Through their activities as organizers and promoters of young art and its creators but also because of their occupation as gallerists the brothers discovered the inequalities of the contemporary art market. Young artist and galleries had no opportunity to present themselves to a broad public at art fairs. The renowned art fairs like Art Basel, Frieze or Scope were to expensive for the emerging art form urban art. Therefore Marco and Raiko established their own art fair to promote the growth of urban art. STROKE Art Fair was born.

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Intoxicated Demons