Interview at STROKE – Rayk Amelang

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May 8, 2014

Rayk Amelang was our first interview at STROKE. Doing it in German allowed us to extract more accurate statements from an artist with a familiar path to fine art. Starting off with graffiti and street art, Rayk Amelang now paints those images on canvas at his studio. Listen to the story of a German graffiti artists become a painter.

About Rayk Amelang

Rayk Amelang wants his art to find its own way instead of reiterating existing imagery. The starting points for this way are photography’s. Amelang projects them on raw canvas and begins to paint. He does not copy the projection he leaves out the painting of certain elements. Other times lines end in nothing or faces become color blocks. By use of this technique Rayk Amelang hides his painting to the obvious observation. Only when viewers include their personal experiences into the viewing does the deeper image appear. The viewers thoughts complete the picture. The question that Rayk Amelang ask is: How to we perceive?

urban art
Rayk Amelang