14 Invader Art Mosaics Which Captivated the Art World (and the Art Auction Market)

August 20, 2019

Invader is definitely among the most respected street artists in the world. His unique pixelated mosaics inspired by the iconic Space Invaders arcade game can be seen all across the globe. The artist started to “invade” public spaces with his 8-bit characters in the late nineties and by 2011, a thousand of his pieces were on public display from Paris to Kathmandu. The number is over three times bigger as we speak. Dedication and originality have brought him an army of fans over the years. The French artist is best-known for his tile mosaics of famous video game and cartoon characters situated in public spaces, but he also creates a line of studio works, as part of his Rubikcubism project and also hobby-level products dedicated to his fans.

During the last decade, the interest in Invader’s work grew immensely and not only in the community of street art enthusiasts and among the fans of retro gaming. Art collectors are pretty interested in is works as well, and there isn’t an urban art auction that can pass without bidders chasing his mini-mosaics.

In the following paragraphs, we will see Invader’s most expensive artworks that sold at auctions, but if you’re interested in seeing how Invader’s art is trending on the art market we encourage you to check out the complete history of Invader’s auctioned pieces.

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White Phantom Eat Em 1, 2003

Along with Space Invaders, Pac-Man is one of the most popular arcade games ever and it is the second most popular game in Invader’s oeuvre as well. The piece White Phantom Eat Em 1 features a familiar character we all know well, because we’ve all been running away from these fellas at one point in our childhood. This particular piece has an interesting auction history, as it appeared at auction houses three times since 2008. In 2015, it was sold for $36,130 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong.

See complete history and trend analysis for the piece!

One Space, 2005

Created in 2005, One Space features a vintage pixelated Space Invader figure made of glass mosaic tiles. He cites Space Invaders as "the perfect icons of our time, a time where digital technologies are the heartbeat of our world".

The work was sold on April 30th, 2016 at Julien’s Auctions Beverly Hills during their Street & Contemporary Art Auction 2016 for $40,000.

More data on the work here.

Guide Dinvasion 01, 2004

Invader's "invasion waves" have adorned the city streets of more than 30 countries around the world. These works serve as the perfect icons of our time, a time where digital technologies are the heartbeat of our world. In the work Guide Dinvasion 01, the artist rendered his signature Space Invader character in micro ceramics on a rigid cover of the book Invasion of Paris.

The work was sold on November 7th, 2017 at Tajan Paris during their event Urban Art for $42,427.

More data on the work here.

Space O.S. 7.2, 2008

Invader began his signature practice in the late 1990s, plastering mosaic Space Invaders, a character from a 1978 Atari game, on the streets of Paris. “Going into a city with tiles and cement and invading it,” says anonymous French street artist Invader of his craft. “This is the most addictive game I have ever played.” Created in 2008, Space O.S. 7.2 features his signature image of Space Invader in simple colors.

The work was sold on June 8th, 2018 at Sotheby's New York during their event Curated: Turn It Up for $44,616.

More data on the work here.

Rubik Mr. Pink And Mr. White, 2007

Invader's signature use of mosaic tiles is a reference to the ubiquitous pixels of digital imaging and information. "Each time I put a new piece in the street, it is like a memorable exhibit,” he says. Created in 2007, Rubik Mr. Pink And Mr. White depicts a famous scene from Reservoir Dogs with Steve Buschemi as Mr. Pink and Harvey Keitel as Mr. White. Made out of Rubik cubes, the work only reveals itself with a few steps backward.

The work was sold on May 16th, 2019 at Phillips New York during their 20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale Afternoon Session for $50,000.

More data on the work here.

Invasion Los Angeles (Invasion Guide 02), 2005

Since 2003, Invader has been designing Invasion guides. Each book tells the story of the invasion of a city. The limited editions of the invasion guides are covered with a unique mosaic of real tiles, such as this one dedicated to the invasion of Los Angeles.

The work was sold on May 28th, 2018 at Tajan Paris during their auction event Contemporary Art for $65,052.

More data on the work here.

Rubiks Ac/Dc, 2009

Created in 2009, Rubiks Ac/Dc is part of the series in which the artist used Rubik cubes as a medium. Beginning his exploration of the link between pixels and mosaics by creating artworks made of Rubik's cube, he originated a movement called Rubikcubism in 2005. Through this technique, the artist decided to recreate the covers of his ten favorite albums. This AC/DC album is among them.

The work was sold on October 5th, 2017 at Phillips London during their 20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale for $51,586.

More data on the work here.

Bxl_08, 2013

Rendered in contrasting hues of orange and black, Bxl_08 features a character from Space Invader.

The work was sold on November 14th, 2018 at Phillips New York during their 20th Century & Contemporary Art Day Sale Afternoon Session for $55,000.

More data on the work here.

Alias NY-145, 2014

In today’s world filled with nostalgia buffs, retro artworks like this one truly have the power to captivate the viewers. Similar to the piece Apple Space, we’ve seen previously, the artwork Alias NY-145 merges two phenomena from the 1980’s computer culture. The artwork featuring colorful Apple logo design and a little white alien also appeared at Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction in 2015, achieving a hammer price of $58,100, going 29% over the high estimate.

Read more about the piece right here!

Alias Ny 124, 2013

Using his signature technique of mosaic tiles, Invader created a work Alias Ny 124 depicting the famous r2d2 from Star Wars. It resembles the vintage graphics from the video game Space Invaders, the source of the artist’s pseudonym.

The work was sold on March 4th, 2016 at Christie's New York during their First Open: Post-War and Contemporary Art for $60,000.

More data on the work here.

Hk_31, 2015

Here is another rendering of the artist's signature character Space Invader. In the work Hk_31, the character is rendered in yellow, placed against the background of deep red.

The work was sold on April 1st, 2019 at Sotheby's Hong Kong during their auction event Contemporary Art for $79,618.

More data on the work here.

Pa_1177,Alias, 2016

Originally presented on the streets of Paris in 2015, PA_1177 is a classic example of Invader's characters which have been invading cities all around the world. This Alias is a recreation of the artwork in the street, created specifically for the gallery.

The work was sold on December 8th, 2017 at Sotheby's Hong Kong during their Take It To The Streets: Auction to benefit HOCA Foundation for $76,823.

More data on the work here.

Alias HK-58, 2014

Now this is an interesting piece. The life-size mosaic of famous cartoon character Hong Kong Phooey is a replica of the street art piece Invader created during his Hong Kong invasion in 2014. With 48 artworks planted on the walls, it is no wonder why the artist commented that it was one of the most accomplished invasions in his career. Unfortunately, the city officials took many of them down, along with Hong Kong Phooey. Nonetheless, the replica was there, and it sold for $206,000 at Sotheby’s Hong Kong.

Click here for the details!

Alias HK-59, 2014

And now the piece you’ve all been waiting for - the most expensive one. Well, as you might have guessed, it is another artwork inspired by Space Invaders series. After all, it is a theme the artist has been obsessively and successfully exploring for years and we couldn’t imagine Invader’s work without his perfectly modeled pixelated aliens. Titled Alias HK-59, the mosaic is a large replica of the piece he created in Hong Kong in 2014. The artwork was sold at Christie’s Hong Kong in March 2015 for $283,300, 22% above the high estimate.

See more about the piece and auction results!

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