Jacob Dhein Expresses the Passion of Painting at Abend Gallery

November 7, 2015

There is always something interesting and exciting happening at Abend Gallery, Denver. In October, we enjoy the beautiful art of Matthew Saba, in the artist’s solo exhibition at the gallery. In November, the gallery is organizing another great show, which will attract all true art lovers. It is presenting a solo exhibition of Jacob Dhein, featuring the beautiful works by this amazing artist, whose practice is focused on finding a perfect balance between realism and abstraction. His truly beautiful paintings (both in aesthetical and conceptual terms) are expressing a profound sense of each from an artist who has been finely tuning his passion for art since an early age.

Jacob Dhein
Left: Jacob Dhein - Tibor / Right: Jacob Dhein - Yosemite Valley II

The Art of Jacob Dhein – Between Realism and Abstraction

Since his early childhood, Jacom Dhein has been interested in art, although it was during the collage, when Dhein decided to pursue art as a career. While in college, he studied representational work and has since developed a knack for pushing those techniques to their limits. When asked to explain the process of his creating, Dhein says: When I look at a subject it conveys a feeling, which in-turn helps me envision what I want the painting to look like. From what is visualized I mentally create a process that will fabricate a similar outcome using different techniques and tools. Tc Farley, his advisor and sculpture professor, taught him about the struggle and dedication one needed to succeed as an artist.  Li Hu, his painting professor, showed him the professional side of the art market and what he needed to do if he wanted to paint for a living. In Dhein’s work, we can notice an expressive nature of compositions - subjects are obscured, yet certain details and characteristics of the individuals remain wholly intact.

Jacob Dhein
Left: Jacob Dhein - Rie / Right: Jacob Dhein - Nude in blue with red

Combining Different Styles of Painting

Jacob Dhein combines different styles of painting; therefore, his works is eye-catching, finely detailed, and weighty. As a viewer, you find highly complex ideas within works that have minimal subject matter, a testament to the artist’s abilities. Through accent colors, use of light, and calculated obscuration techniques, Dhein has created a niche for himself within the genre of representational painting that is uniquely his own. The cityscapes Dhein creates speak to those same elements that are found within his figurative works, however, in different ways. Given that there is a lot more imagery to take into account, he has found a way to hone in on specific elements while still capturing the scene at large. Once again his masterful use of color and light gives prominence to the objects he wishes to highlight.

Jacob Dhein
Left: Jacob Dhein - Fish market in Chinatown / Right: Jacob Dhein - Lloyd

Jacob Dhein at Abend Gallery

The paintings by Jacob Dhein are simply beautiful. His technique is exemplary and each work he produces further distinguishes him as one of the most interesting representational artists to watch. So, all art lovers, be sure not to miss this show! The solo exhibition of Jacob Dhein will be on view from November 6 until November 28, 2015 at Abend Gallery in Denver. Opening reception will take place on November 6, 6-9 pm.

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Featured Images:

Jacob Dhein - Crossing at Offarrell St, detail

Jacob Dhein - Study of Pescadaro beach wave

Jacob Dhein - Rapids at Yosemite, detail

Jacob Dhein - Nude in green II, detail

All Images courtesy of Abend Gallery.

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