James Jarvis Book on RealismPop Looks at the Contemporary Art in the Digital Age

December 21, 2015

RealismPop: A Theory of Contemporary Art in the Internet Revolution is a new book by a contemporary artist James Jarvis in which he elaborates on his new and original art "ideology". Lead by the notion that other art historians fail to see the vastness of Internet's influence on today's art, James Jarvis highlight its impact on the creation of the new field in contemporary art. By transfering the data, images and processes seen on the web from the virtual to the real world, we can create a completely new form of painting, illustrations, prints and so on.

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James Jarvis - A Revolutionary Performance of Liberation Lesbian Ladies Army

RealismPop by James Jarvis

James Jarvis is a visual artist who's exploring a new style of painting he calls RealismPop and after several years of exploration he has published this book that elaborates on his views of the contemporary art of today. RealimsPop is a unique art style that relies heavily on both data and imagery that can be found all over the Internet. James Jarvis creates his imagery by actively looking at the visual aesthetics that dominates the Internet and then transfers its elements into "new compositions that innovate representational art". James Jarvis believes that by employing modern technologies we can produce new and innovative pieces that are unlike anything that can be found on the art market today. With the use of this original technique the artist creates three types of artworks that represent the three components of RealismPop : pixel compositions, data collages and cropped paintings.

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Left : RealismPop : A Theory of Contemporary Art in the Internet Revolution / Right : James Jarvis

The Components of RealismPop

Pixel compositions represent multiple canvas paintings by James Jarvis that replicate the visual aesthetics of pixels. And just like numerous pixels are employed to create a digital image, numerous fragments of the canvases are used to make the final piece in these compositions. The visual aspects of pixels are depicted on macro level trough irregular placement of numerous square and rectangle canvases to create large painting. But they are also represented on a smaller micro level through "the translation of low resolution images during the painting process that creates abstract surfaces through realistic application." James Jarvis also adds the architectural dimension through different canvas thicknesses that transform his artworks to three dimensional pieces.

James Jarvise's cropped paintings bring the trend of Internet segmentation to the regular canvases. The artist creates his piece by cropping details of the images and by pasting them over and over again, to create futurists experiences, similar to those he sees on the Internet. Data collages are his small scale depictions of some of the numerous data we are constantly exposed to whether through the web sites, emails of social networks. By interviewing selected information, the artist creates paintings or illustrations that provide the impression of high resolution images and intricate data. These images are usually portrayed in small scale artworks to replicate the miniature data size of information found on the web.

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Left : James Jarvis - Hooters Painting (an example of Pixel Composition) / Right : James Jarvis - Abstract Portrait (an example of Cropped Painting)

RealismPop: A Theory of Contemporary Art in the Internet Revolution

The book also includes numerous tips and pointers for art collectors to help them understand this new art field. The publication elaborates on how Internet Revolution changed the field of painting and provides historical context by dealing with the movements that have led to this concept. The book publishing is accompanied by the four day launch that will last from today (December 21st) till December 24th, 2015. RealismPop: A Theory of Contemporary Art in the Internet Revolution can be ordered through RealismPop website for the price of £7.04.

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Featured Image : Artwork by James Jarvis ; Images via realismpop ; All images for illustrative purposes only