Co-Founder of the Gorillaz band, Jamie Hewlett in his Premier USA Exhibition at Woodward Gallery

May 20, 2016

Woodward Gallery is delighted to present the new Jamie Hewlett exhibition entitled The Suggestionists. This is the premier USA exhibition of the international artist, designer, and co-founder of the band Gorillaz. The Suggestionists presents the three brand new bodies of work and it reveals a completely different side of Hewlett's talents. The man of numerous gifts will present his unique sense of wit and mischief upon which he has built his versatile and fruitful career. The guy who stands behind the iconic virtual pop band Gorillaz with Blur’s frontman Damon Albarn, and the post-punk comic Tank Girl, Jamie Hewlett focused his many talents to fine art for the exhibition at Woodward Gallery. The viewers will get the chance to walk the path of the hallucinatory and the dreamlike, connected by the enchanting power of suggestion.

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Left: Jamie Hewlett - La Roue de Fortune / Right: Jamie Hewlett - Le Diable

Mysterious Tarot and Sleazy Honey

Jamie Hewlett exhibition will bring many amazing and thought-provoking artworks to the gallery. TAROT, the artist’s interpretation of the mysterious world of tarotica, is a series of twenty-two Tarot cards that remind of the Alejandro Jodorowsky’s reconstruction of the Tarot de Marseille. In Hewlett’s appropriation, beautifully executed and depicting familiar creatures evoke the sense of absurdity and infuse it into the arcane and divine. HONEY invites the viewers into the thrilling darkness of the homage to the exploitation movies from the 1960s and the 1970s. Hewlett created fake vintage movie posters which celebrate trashy directors such as Terry Southern and Russ Meyer in an ironic manner, by creating the ambiance of an adult cinema lobby. Hewlett uses the fictional character called Honey to present the aesthetics of the B-movies and create posters that are simultaneously authentic and audacious.

suggestionists  2015 exhibition saatchi  music  november  news  film  video
Left: Jamie Hewlett - Pine1 / Right: Jamie Hewlett - Pine7

From Dusk Till Dawn

No, not the movie. Jamie Hewlett brings the daylight that emerges through the nocturnal with PINES, which is the final and the most lyrical element of his new series. The exceptionally detailed illustrations of trees that Hewlett produced, were created from the actual trees he observed while he was in the south of France. The large-scale drawings look simple, but they are actually extraordinarily meticulous, almost to the point of photo-realism. They present the magical and bucolic landscape seen through the fairytale-like innocence. They are a truly appropriate finale of the exhibition which inspires the viewers to investigate the conscious and the unconscious, the everyday and fantastical. They occupy the same space and throw light on the fact that all constraints can be made irrelevant or important by the simple power of suggestion.

suggestionists 2015 exhibition saatchi  music  november  news  film  video
Left: Jamie Hewlett - Pine9 / Right: Jamie Hewlett - Pine14

Jamie Hewlett Exhibition at Woodward Gallery

Jamie Hewlett exhibition The Suggestionists will be on display at Woodward Gallery from May 21st to July 16th, 2016. The gallery is located on the ground floor of 133 Eldridge Street, in New York City, between Broome and Delancey in the Lower East Side. Jamie Hewlett rose to fame with his cult comic Tank Girl, which was made into a movie in 1995. He co-founded the band Gorillaz with Damon Albarn, with whom he cooperated with Chen Shi-Zheng on the opera Monkey: Journey to the West. A book which will present a retrospective of his work will be released next year. Jamie Hewlett currently lives and works in Paris. The influential musician and artist that he is, Jamie Hewlett’s exhibition will surely draw the attention of the public, so make sure to get to the Woodward Gallery and be a part of this iconic moment in the career of this amazing artist.

All images courtesy of Woodward Gallery.
Featured image: Jamie Hewlett - Honey Poster
Images in the slider: Jamie Hewlett - Pine8 | Jamie Hewlett portrait

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