JKB Fletcher: Social Portrait

February 14, 2015

One of the most significant developments when it comes to the art world at the early 2000s is the expansion of a new, independent art movement called hyperrealism. Although it was primarily associated with the work of artists from Europe and United States, the movement rapidly spread around the globe. We are presenting JKB Fletcher exhibition at the Metro Gallery Australia whose work endorses, but is not limited to hyperrealism.

Metro Gallery Australia
JKB Fletcher - #clouds 2014

The Art of Hyperrealism

Both Hyperrealism and Photorealism have the tendency to encompass painting, drawing and other graphic mediums, in which an artist studies a photograph and then attempts to reproduce the image as realistically as possible in fine art manner. This gives the impression, at least in the popular mind, that these two genres are completely intertwined. Although Hyperrealism is photographic in its core, it often entails a softer, much more complex focus on the subject depicted, presenting it as a living, tangible object. The style of Hyperrealism emphasises details and often adds subtle, pictorial elements so it could develop the illusion of reality which does not exist or can not be detected by the human eye. One more distinguishing feature that is coming to its expression is concerned with the social, cultural and political element as they developed into the painted visual illusion.

Metro Gallery Australia
JKB Fletcher - #hair 2014

What is Real in the Digital?

JKB Fletcher exhibition Social Portrait at the Metro Gallery Australia encompasses both the story of our digital surroundings and the essence of art. The motivation for his works are found in the regular daily posts all over the Internet: photos of clouds, food, selfies… His approach to this kind of practices people are engaged with is the invitation to critically assess them. What a regular Internet user finds as a common non-reflective habit which is only tied to the online setting, JKB Fletcher gives a completely new hyperrealistic perspective to it. He wrenches online behaviour from the digital world confronting us of its “real-life reality”. By doing it, he also wrenches the notion of digital in those photographies and returns it to the “old-fashioned” painted style of art (you could also be interested in Urban art's virtual reality, or the history of the art virality).

Metro Gallery Australia
JKB Fletcher - #legs 2014

Social Portrait: Photorealism, Post Internet at the Metro Gallery Australia

The very process of making art usually goes on out of public view and artists. JKB Fletcher way of doing art is transparent and could be found in a form of videos - from the scratch on a paper, through the paint on a woman’s body (see also about graffiti on women's bodies), to the large size oil on canvas painting. Those documents are unpretentious, and art is consciously presented as a day-to-day activity, on par with other social practices. JKB Fletcher exhibition Social Portrait: Photorealism, Post Internet at the Metro Gallery Australia will be held from the 16th of February until 14th of March. The opening will take place on Wednesday February 18th at 6:30pm.

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Metro Gallery Australia
JKB Fletcher - #lips 2014

Metro Gallery Australia
JKB Fletcher - #neck 2014

Metro Gallery Australia
JKB Fletcher - #selfie 2014

Metro Gallery Australia
JKB Fletcher - #sky 2014

Metro Gallery Australia
JKB Fletcher - #skyblue 2014

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