Master of Style-Fusion and Technical Innovations - Jorg Doring Exhibition at 30 Works

April 19, 2016

Same, same, but different?! Pin-up and the sixties. Sounds familiar? Yes, Jörg Döring exhibition will remind us of ye olde times. Okay, not really ye olde, but a time of Pop Art and the pin-up girls, and the wonderful imagery of the previous century. With his exhibition titled Super Plus, Döring brings along a contemporary Pop Art upgrade and refers to its paradox, the classical art of oil painting. In the 30 Works gallery, a series of artworks will be presented and invite the viewers to explore the combination of the old, the new, the traditional, and the modern. Jörg Döring exhibition will offer the new aesthetics and reaffirms his position of the master of style fusion and technical innovations.

Jorg Doering exhibition 2016 2015 2013
Jorg Doring - Passion or truth

Exploration of Materials

Jörg Döring has been experimenting with various materials since the inception of his artistic career. His oil paintings are infused with a myriad of different colors forming neon curves and rainbow prisms which provide the sense of weightlessness and flow. The photorealistic technique he applies to depict pin-up girls and fellow artists and other individuals is advanced even further by the masterful utilization of vivid colors that the artist incorporated into his works through the usage of filter technology and patination. The women in his works are simultaneously plastic-looking and sexy, but never in a pornographic or distasteful way. Their implied sexuality invites the viewer to engage in an act of flirting with the art, they are obvious and explicit, but covert and innocent at the same time. Döring explores the notions of sexuality in his works and dresses his subjects in ironic and aesthetically pleasing clothing that hides and reveals their appeal all at once.

Jorg Doering exhibition 2016 2013  2015
Jorg Doring - Deluxe

Punk, Wave, Pop, and Disney

Jörg Döring presents in this exhibition his models, pin-ups, and cartoons side by side. This, for some, odd placement of differently themed artworks actually makes a lot of sense when we remember that Döring is a master of fusion, as he blends the photorealistic with the figurative and the oil painting with a heavy impasto. This way, the exhibition becomes the clash of motives and materials, which is what the artist is all about. Speaking of clashes, we cannot but mention the subtle influence of the 1980s in Super Plus show. The neon colors, and the influences from different music styles, such as pop, wave, and punk, reveal the artist’s desire to reinvent the era on his own terms. However, his main source of inspiration are the seductive heroines and the icons such as Mickey Mouse, Pink Panther, and Felix the Cat.

Jorg Doering exhibition 2013
Jorg Doring - Sunbeat

Jorg Doring Exhibition at 30 Works

Jörg Döring exhibition titled Super Plus will be on view at 30Works Gallery in Köln, Germany. The opening reception is scheduled for Friday, April 22nd from 7PM, and the series will be on display until May 14th, 2016. This will be the seventh solo show that the artist has had with the gallery, and now he will show us, once again, that the classical art of oil painting and Pop Art do not have to be polar opposites. Jörg Döring currently lives and works in Dusseldorf and he has exhibited his work worldwide at art fairs, such as Art Karlsruhe, the Red Dot Art Fair Miami, and the Art Fair Cologne, and his pieces are a part of numerous collections around the world. The 30 Works gallery is located at Antwerpener Str. 42, 50672 Köln, Germany.

All images courtesy of 30 Works.
Featured image: Jorg Doering - Sunbeat, detail

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