JR's Giants Inaugurate Lazinc, A New Art Space in Mayfair

December 16, 2017

The city of London, a true melting pot of diverse cultures and ideas, will now be richer for another art gallery.

The space in the heart of Mayfair will become the new home of the gallery Lazinc, formerly Lazarides. Under this new name, Steve Lazarides and Wissam Al Mana will launch a two-story gallery space at 29 Sackville Street.

The venue will open its doors with a multidisciplinary solo exhibition by a globally renowned artist JR.

Entitled GIANTS – Body of Work, it will be a “behind the scenes” exhibition presenting a comprehensive view of JR’s installation practice, from studio conception to outdoor execution, focusing on his GIANTS project.

GIANTS, Mohamed YOUNES IDRISS from Sudan, Flamengo
JR - GIANTS, Mohamed YOUNES IDRISS from Sudan, Flamengo. Close-up, © Comité international Olympique, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2016

The GIANTS Series

As part of an artist-in-residence program of the Olympics, JR has created installations that took place all over Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympic Games.

Focusing on the athletes who are little-known in the eyes of the world, and who may one day make it to the Games, JR made an homage to them with giant 3D sculptures, sending a strong statement that anyone can reach the moon.

The impressive 4,000 square foot site of Lazinc gallery will be a perfect place to showcase never before seen studio plans, drawings and prototypes used to realize this stunning large-scale series.

For the first time outside of private studio visits, JR will present a unique series of studies through a collection of mixed media works, each encompassing preparatory notes, photography and architectural drawings relating to the GIANTS series.

Additionally, the installation will be recreated on the exterior of the gallery through an entirely new image.

Left JR - Mohamed Younes Idriss from Sudan - Flamengo Right JR - Leonie Periault from France - Botafogo
Left: JR - Mohamed Younes Idriss from Sudan – Flamengo / Right: JR - Leonie Periault from France - Botafogo Close up Comite International Olympique - Rio De Janeiro – Brazil 2016.

The Voice of the Voiceless

Using the biggest museum in the world – the streets of the cities across the globe, JR merges together photography and street art to create emotionally and socially engaged works.

Plastering giant, monochrome photographs in urban centers, he aims to tell the stories of the marginalized or voiceless.

The artist has been working with Steve Lazarides since 2008, remaining a constant addition to the gallery’s programming. Naturally, the artist has now formed part of the new gallery’s initial roster of artists.

Lazinc at 29 Sackville Street, London, courtesy the gallery
Lazinc at 29 Sackville Street, London, courtesy the gallery

JR Art Exhibition at Lazinc

A joined partnership with contemporary art specialist, Steve Lazarides and the eminent art collector and global retail expert, Wissam Al Mana, Lazinc comprises a flagship gallery in Mayfair, Lazinc Banksy Print Gallery in London’s Southbank and Lazinc editions, an e-commerce print sales business based in Greenwich.

Alongside a rich roster of major street artists, the gallery aims at acquiring dynamic and undiscovered bodies of work that are uninhabited, expressive and disruptive.

The exhibition GIANTS – Body of Work will be on view at Lazinc in London from January 12th until February 28th, 2018.

The exhibition follows JR’s current exhibition, The Wrinkles of the City, Istanbul: Body of Work at Henrik Springmann Gallery, Berlin and continues a new method of presenting the artist’s developmental process and large-scale community projects.

All images courtesy of Lazinc.

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