Kaleidoscope At MYA

February 11, 2015

The MYA Gallery, located in the heart of the East End of London, has announced a forthcoming group exhibition described as Urban-Contemporary colour from the streets of Spain. The group show being presented under the name Kaleidoscope, will display the work of twelve hand selected artists that have been heavily involved with the development of street and urban art over the last ten years in Spain and will feature a number of internationally known street artists. Kaleidoscope follows in the wake of the group show Hackney to Harlem at MYA Gallery that featured well know artists such as D*Face, Shepard Fairey, Banksy and Ludo and the Wall to Wall group show that put long established names such as Roy Lichtenstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat alongside more upcoming street artists like Kaws, C215 and Hush.

MYA Gallery
Left: Kenor - Overdose, 2015. 195 x 130 cm / Right: Kenor - Genesis Overdose, 2015. 130 x 97cm

Spanish Kaleidoscope of Art

The group exhibition Kaleidoscope at MYA Gallery will bring to London a showcase of some of the best street artists that have emerged from Spain in recent years that have continued their countries passionate cultural and artistic heritage that includes masters such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Joan Miró and Franciso Goya. The Kaleidoscope group show being present by MYA aims to highlight the highly original urban artists that have developed their unique styles on the streets of Spain and work in a variety of mediums and styles from large murals to small intricate pieces via paintings and stencil work. Alongside the exhibition of works at MYA Gallery, the group show will also involve some mural painting directly onto the gallery walls by Txemy and Murone, a collection of photographs showing the works of the twelve street artists in their original locations such as on city streets and abandoned buildings while there will also be a panel discussion about the works on view, the artists exhibiting and the history of urban street art.

MYA Gallery
BTOY - Caiguda Castellers I

The Spanish Street Artists at MYA Gallery

A number of the Spanish street artists appearing in the Kaleidoscope group exhibition have already made their mark on the international stage; the colourful folkloric social commentaries of Zosen have appeared in many locations around the world as have the politically charged geometric structures that blend with grey figures and organic shapes that are crafted by Madrid based street artist Okuda, who you can read more about in Recap: Okuda at the Underdogs. Barcelona based Kenor is another street artist that has attempted to add a splash of colour to grey streets with abstract geometry (read more in Polyrhythmics Beats) while the reputation of Btoy has been steadily growing with her stencil work based on actresses from the golden era of Hollywood (see more in the Btoy’s Identity article). Nuria Mora, who took part in The Colour Sphere exhibition in Amsterdam, has become known for her bold geometric designs created as urban interventions around Madrid and further afield helping to put Spanish street art on the international map. The Kaleidoscope group exhibition at the MYA Gallery promises to add a real splash of vibrant colour from the streets of Spain to the East End of London in the coming weeks. Full list of artists participating in Kaleidoscope: Zosen, Okuda, Felipe Pantone, Nuria Mora, Kenor, Murone, Btoy, Txemy, Pez, Demsky, Uriginal, Spok.

The Kaleidoscope group exhibition opens at the MYA Gallery, London on 20th February and runs through until 3rd April, 2015. On 28th February, 2015, MYA gallery will present the first London screening of BCN: Rise & Fall, a documentary about Street art in Spain, along with a Q&A with the director, Alex Gordo Hostau.

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MYA Gallery
Kenor - Genesis II, 2015. 100 x 100 cm.

MYA Gallery
Kenor - Genesis Overdose Detail, 2015. 130 x 97cm

All images courtesy of MYA Gallery.

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