Kate Waters Tells it Like it Is: Exhibition at Galerie Voss

July 30, 2015

The end of the summer season at Galerie Voss in Dusseldorf, Germany will be marked by a solo exhibition of Kate Waters’ series of painted photography. Tell It Like It Is, the realistic motto of the exhibition will be explored through numerous works of Kate Waters depicting ordinary scenes of everyday lives of people in their urban environments. Galerie Voss had the honor of hosting the works of Kate Waters several times in the past and Tell It Like It Is is another milestone in her continuous artistic efforts in bringing painting and photography media together in her interpretation of our age.

Galerie Voss
Kate Waters - The Symphony, 2015. Ink on Paper mounted on Dibond - 75 cm x 110 cm

Kate Waters’ Painted Photography

Kate Waters is a Canadian-born artist currently living and working in Germany. In her work, Kate Waters uses photography as a foundation on which she builds her painted artworks. We are used to the notion of photography as an artistic medium that best serves the realistic requirements and has the power to transfer objects and situation in their nature-like, genuine forms. This aesthetic spirit of realism is kept throughout Kate Waters’ work but is also questioned, once the photographs are transferred into their painted replicas. Photographs are used simply as a starting point, a sketch of the situation that is later rendered and reconstructed trough the artist’s visual interpretation of the original. Despite the motto of the exhibition being Tell It Like It Is, the artworks on display are challenging our notion of the reality and our capabilities to perceive situations like they really are. Even though photography style is incorporated in the making process and it is supposed to guarantee objective transposition of the depicted events, the final products are distanced from the originals, first through their transformation in another medium, and then in the minds of the observers whose interpretation relies on their subjective background.

Galerie Voss
Kate Waters - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 2015. Oil on canvas - 150 x 240 cm

Tell It Like It Is: Realism of Kate Waters

The imagery of Kate Waters revolves around those familiar objects and situations people find themselves regularly in their everyday lives. Through the representation of those ordinary environments and objects, Kate Waters brings out the social and political context that surrounds every little detail of our daily activities, which we are unaware of or tend to forget. Tell It Like It Is exhibition accentuates social issues of tolerance, equality, economic gaps in the age of global capitalism and life of the Internet Generation. Contexts in which these paintings are made is a focus point in interpretation of the artworks on display and Kate Waters oeuvre in whole. Kate Waters’ work explores the questions of postmodern society through the aesthetic that resembles the one of impressionists from the past century. By painting over the photography sketch, she is adding a unique layer on the surface of the artwork highlighting or blurring the details depending on the message she is trying to release into the world.

Galerie Voss
Left: Kate Waters - The Tight Squeeze, 2015. Oil on canvas - 150 x 160 cm / Right: Kate Waters - Think a little more Sugar, 2015. Oil on canvas - 140 x 160 cm

Tell It Like It Is Exhibition at Galerie Voss

Tell It Like It Is exhibition is playing with the notions of objective and realistic representation of real-life situations, common people in their everyday activities and ordinary objects. This series of painted photographs created by Kate Wates are also questioning the way we perceive our social and cultural environment and if the objective picture of our social environment is even possible. If you are in search of the answers to questions asked in the work of Kate Waters make sure you visit Galerie Voss in Dusseldorf from August 28th until October 10th, 2015.

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Featured images:
Kate Waters – Blinded Venice, 2015. Ink on paper mounted on Dibond - 75 x 110 cm
Kate Waters - Der Goldene Käfig, 2015. Oil on canvas - 130 x 180 cm
Kate Waters – Rainbowcrossing, 2015. Ink on paper mounted on Dibond -75 cm x 110 cm
Kate Waters - The Show Down, 2015. Oil on canvas - 130 x 160 cm

All images courtesy of Galerie Voss

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